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Life Stage: Young and Single
Occupation: Administrative and Support Services


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Medora, ND

A Sure Summer of Fun.... - 5/9/2009
I lived in this breathtaking place for about a year. It was wonderful to wake up every morning and find myself surrounded by its majestic beauty. Wow!!! I did much healing there. It is small, and takes you to another place and time. There are a lot of tourists that pass through so you must enjoy change. Most of the town folk are the friendliest people you will ever meet and you will find them to be quite caring, even the local police...but watch out for the local cowboys...they like to start trouble. The night life in the small bar settings are fun, the musical is great, the little shops add to the ambiance of this little quaint place.
It really is an awesome place to see and I believe everyone should visit this majestic place at least once. Wow...often I am homesick and long for those simple days again. Everything is walking distance including the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. There is not public transportation as in this place you will find it unneeded. During the summer months there are tons of little shops to visit, plenty of places to eat and lots of beauty to see. Visit...you will not be sorry! The summers are hot but they are dry...and it allows for you to step outside and still enjoy the beauty of the place.
The winters are a different story. It is very cold and the wind bites. The entire town shuts down for the season, even the gas station so be prepared to drive a half hour to get anywhere. And the winters are very lonely. I would come home from work on a Friday and not see a soul again until Monday morning so I would suggest you learn to enjoy your own company because you will not find much company there that stays throughout the winter.

Tulsa, OK

Tulsa...a big disappointment. - 5/9/2009
I moved to Tulsa about a year and half ago and I am very unhappy with what I have found in this city.
The public transportation sucks, routes are ordered in a very strange way, the waits are ridiculous, routes end early evening leaving you stuck if you miss...
The people are very unfriendly and uncaring. In all of this time I have not met one person I could truly call my friend. I usually make friends easily...this is one place where that will not happen. The folks here are out for only one thing...'THEMSELVES'.
Although for a city the landscape is nice for it is not flat...there is no beauty in this place and the only thing I have found here is unhappiness. There must be a better place to live. Do not choose this option!

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