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Atlanta, GA

- 7/26/2012
Aaron, I'm interested in reading your opinion being a gay man yourself. Does their racism extend to homophobia? I'm straight, but I would absolutely hate to live in a city that is racist AND homophobic. It would drive me off the wall and I'd be getting into lengthy debates/fights with a lot of close minded people like I already do in Manhattan, KS.

Manhattan, KS

Really depend on who you are and what you're looki - 7/26/2012
Manhattan is a wonderful place to live if you are thinking about retiring here, want a family away from the big city, or if you are a college student. Because it is a small, peaceful, city in Kansas there are a lot of older people that come here to retire and a lot of families that want their kids to grow up away from the city. However, Manhattan is home to Kansas State University (Im a student there!) so being a college town makes it beam with young energy as well. But, for young people looking to go up in the world and looking for excitement...no. No, no, no, and throw in another no just in case. It is quite boring after a while and there are definitely no opportunities for career growth here. Nightlife is very limited, though at least not non-existent. It is very safe, but police are...kind of out of control. I think they are just bored out of their minds because there is virtually no crime so they make it up, and they will stop you for the stupidest reasons so watch out for them. Here you don't just drive safely, you drive grandma-like..like ridiculous safe. Speaking of which, transportation system in manhattan is non-existent. The closest thing to it is K-State's Safe Ride or what we college kids like to call, the drunk bus. It runs at night and picks up people in Aggieville (party hub) and takes them to several stops. It's purpose is to minimize the amount of drunk drivers....yup that's it. No busses, or metro, or trams, nothing. There are two taxi companies and well, you have to call in advance, you can't just haul a cab. Basically you can't live without a car in manhattan. Traffic isn't bad though and it's so small that it doesn't take you long to get from one side of town to the other. Last but not least, Manhattan is cheap because, well lets face it, it is small town Kansas in the heart of nowhere. So, in conclusion it could be great or it could be terrible, it really depends on who you are and what you are looking for ;)

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