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Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Education, Training, and Library
Enjoys: Hunting, shooting, outdoors


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Casper, WY

I have visited this place and really love it but - 8/30/2019
I cannot give it a really good evaluation on only several days.

To an avid hunter and outdoorsperson this region is heaven. I suspect for someone who is very cosmopolitan or metro it will be the other place.

Again from what I see I could live there for the last phase of my life but I do not know the intricacies of the place.

Dudley, MA

One of the lowest property tax rates in the state. - 8/30/2019
The town of Dudley has a rich history starting at the time of the American Revolution. It was a major farming area with a large number of dairy farms at the turn of the 20th century. Industry has changed in the fact that the linen mills are no longer the major employer. It is now a bedroom community. The schools seem to be OK and it seems there aren't too many issues.

One thing to consider is that Dudley is one of the most affordable towns in Massachusetts in the way of property tax. Property tax can be very high in the Bay State and Dudley is near the bottom end of things.

I will add to this topic regarding Dudley Massachusetts. As a rule, Massachusetts has a reputation of being very anti-gun. If you are a shooter it can be difficult to obtain the necessary license to carry a firearm. Dudley is more progressive on this topic. For the most part if you have a clean record and take an appropriate safely class you will be able to obtain a license to carry. As a contrast many communities in the Greater Boston Area are equivalent to the Communist East German Republic.

Thompson, CT

An expensive place to live.... - 6/16/2017
In a nutshell, the town raised the tax rate from 24 to 26/1000 in value. Also, it seemed that the transition from Massachusetts was more expensive and more bureaucratic in nature. As an example, transfer of a vehicle and license to Connecticut requires you to go to a hub location. Plan on spending the entire day there for this to happen.

Also, Connecticut tends to be more expensive with fuel than Massachusetts. When either of our vehicles are in need of fuel we go to nearby Massachusetts were it is 15 to 25 cents cheaper per gallon.

If I could go back in time a few years I would not have chosen to live in Connecticut. I do know for a fact that we will not be able to retire in this state. It is too expensive.

Hurricane, UT

re: city government
- 4/27/2017
Two winters ago my family and I rented a home for two weeks in the late fall. We fell in love with the So. Utah region. I could envision myself in a semi-retired mode in the area.

As someone from NE Connecticut I have had my fill of snow. I like snow but I dislike having to shovel, plow and/or blow it out( when my snowblower is working) Plus damage to the roof from ice dams. I like the fact that I can drive up to the Dixie NF and play in the snow then head down to a lower elevation and have bare streets. Plus your vehicle does not rot away due to the use of highway salt and calcium carbonate.

What I really liked as an outdoorsman is what it offers. NE Connecticut is not all that hunter friendly. The laws and cultural conditions have changed to make it less friendly, so to speak.

Pascoag, RI

There are a lot of problems... - 4/27/2017
The town is very unique in its character. Sadly, the whole NW region of RI is economically and culturally depressed.

Also, a large power plant is scheduled to be built which will have a negative environmental impact on one of the few wilder areas left in the Ocean State. I see homes for sale but no one is buying.

Pascoag, RI

Very depressed area. - 4/27/2017
The town's major employer is the state hospital and many people there live in the greater Providence area. Rhode Island is a compact state so it is not unusual for people to seem to know each other no matter where you are in the Ocean State.

As a hunter and shooter I can tell you that obtaining a pistol permit is almost an impossibility. I was quoted from a lawyer it will cost approximately $4000 to get one. In RI you need written permission to hunt on private land for deer and it seems very difficult to get if you are an outsider. There is some considerable amount of state land to hunt on but there seems to be a "squatter's rights" mentality when it comes to spots you may find in the woods, in spite of state law dictating otherwise.

I have discovered for the most part the people are very clannish. They seem to never leave the state. You can drive from Pascoag to a Super Walmart two towns over in Massachusetts but people will prefer to travel out of their way southward to shop.

Thirdly, the state has always had a reputation of being corrupt. Right now a proposed power plant is being pushed through will little to no consideration on it's impact on the local environment nor the will of the people who really do not want it. I see homes for sale but no one is buying.

Thompson, CT

Thompson has more cons than pros. - 4/27/2017
Hello All:

My wife and I lived in this region and had the opportunity to travel much of the US so we have a base to compare the town of Thompson with much of the nation.

The property taxes are rather high. When we first moved here the mil rate( tax per 1000 dollars of property) was at 24. Last tax bill it was raised to 26. This is an unfortunate trend in the area. Property taxes are increasing and putting pressure on older residents to leave.

The area is very quiet but in order to do anything cultural you must travel a little distance. So if you are accustomed to a more urbane lifestyle you may be very bored.

Winters have changed character. It seems that we get most of our snow from Late January to early March. In fact we got several inches last April 1st.

There are few well paying jobs in the town borders. You will have to commute to the metro-Worcester or Metro Boston area for anything of that nature. Most of the jobs in Connecticut seem to be around the capitol and the coastline.


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