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Detroit, MI

Detroit is a Great city that needs to build! - 12/10/2019
I've lived in Detroit my entire 26 years of living, this city is rich with history and has a strong base of people, Detroit is at state where it's neutral between falling under or total rebuilding, the cost of living in Detroit is very affordable, the city is large in area , it's very easy to get around East to West, North to South. Detroit is also very vibrant and fun with Nightlife, Casinos, and Adult entertainment, it's multiple sports venues, there's multiple convenient restaurants, and convenient stores. Detroit is in urgency to build up and be in refurbishment, homes are going up for $1,000 bucks and in 6 months they must be Redeveloped and suitable for tenants, This city needs a percentage of perks from every city in America that has been booming , Detroit is in urgency to build population and employment establishment, Detroit has tooken a total change in 5 years in a blink an eye.

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