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Jacksonville, FL

a city on the move
- 5/7/2007
Jacksonville is growing faster than any city I've ever seen, and with growth comes growing pains-traffic, crime, etc. Much is getting better, though. As people from other parts of the country move in, the city is becoming more diverse and more concerned with culture. It is no longer longer just a big old cow town and is becoming the new Atlanta. Growth will no doube continue as people realize that this area has the lowest hurricane rate of any place in Florida.

Park Ridge, IL

A boring place
- 5/5/2007
Hemmingway complained that Oak Park was a city of broad lawns and narrow minds. He wouldn't have been so hard on Oak Park if he'd ever been to Park Rldge.

Fernandina Beach, FL

fantastic place
- 5/5/2007
I suspect that the previous post was written by someone who secretly loves the place and wants to keep others out. Fernandina is the only town on Amelia Island, an absolutely gorgeous place with wonderful nature preserves, sparkling beaches, and a charming historical district. The paper mill smell is only noticeable once and a while -nothing like the huge paper mills in Georgia. It is not in any way a signifigant factor in the quality of life. There is a great deal to do for a small town, with lots of art galleries, two amateur theatres, and a great museum, as well as dozens of charming shops. The people are the friendliest I've ever met. As a transplant from big city, I sometimes miss the urban vibe, but am surprised at how much this area has to offer.

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