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Albany, NY

Not what it used to be - 3/14/2013
As with most cities, living in Albany isn't what it used to be. I was born and grew up here and unfortunately never escaped. I agree with most of the negative comments posted. What I do not understand is that we are supposed to be the capital city and yet the roads here are horrible. I've had to have $4,000 worth of work done to my car because of the rough shape the roads are in. It seems the road crews are busy putting those damn roundabouts in every where you look or expanding the city to areas no one lives, but as far as repairing the already crumbling streets, forget it. I hit a pot hole once that was so deep, it dented the rim and blew my tire out. The streets in "Center Square" (a trendy section) around the capital are just as bad, full of potholes and past lumps from prior repairs. The only employer seems to be the state. I used to think that if you got in with a state job you were set for life, but that also is not true. I worked for a state agency for five years before I was hurt on the job and fired. Then I was blacklisted. People do seem to be generally unfriendly, rude and in too much of a hurry. The drivers are pathetic. Stop signs and traffic lights might as well not exist because drivers pay no attention to them. Pedestrians are defiant and cross in front of you while they are on the phone regardless of the traffic light. Some of them look at you as if to say "hit me I dare you". What they're probably saying is "hit me, I need the money". There's a lot of welfare and disability recipients here (not that there's anything wrong with that). You can observe this in the grocery store. Everyone with a shopping cart overflowing with food is more than likely going to pay with a "benefit" card, while I have my little basket of necessities like toilet paper. Albany is a dreadful place. Back in the 60's it was a family community, a safe place, no one locked their doors and downtown was not a ghost town. I guess Alany went the way of most other cities. It's a shame.

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