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Plano, TX

demographics - 8/16/2014
I moved to Plano 15 years ago and loved it. However, the demographics have changed drastically. If you are Indian you will love it. If not, you will be a minority, period. I am not saying this is good or bad, just stating facts. Plano has the largest population of Indians, percentage wise than any other city in the country.
The majority of the city is showing its age, the main areas that are nice are west of the Tollway.
Where I used to shop for books, there is now a Condom Sense store and an Oriental Massage next door and a large bar across the street.

Plano, TX

Indians - 6/7/2014
Indians have taken over our city. I heard a professional say that there has been a 150% in the Indian population in Plano.

The restaurants surrounding us are Indian and reek of currie.

Most devestating is that my daughter has become a minority in her grade level. I planned to raise my children here through college, but would they even have a chance competing against Indians and the rest of the Asian population?

Sadly, it is time for us to start searching for a new town in which to subside.

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