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Life Stage: Young Couple
Occupation: Engineering
Enjoys: Fishing, Tennis, Musics, Cinema, Video Game


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Birmingham, AL

Suburbs of Birmingham
- 1/8/2019
I have to disagree with you. So, if give a strike to Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, Southside then what's your suggestion? Those places are the best places to live in Birmingham including anywhere along US-280! Hoover/Vestavia/Valleydale are the safest places there due to Hoover's Police Dept. No one messes with Hoover Cops, they're tough so consequently, those are the safest places to live in...

Birmingham has a very high crime rate thanks to areas like East Bham, West Bham, North Bham (this latter is changing), Ensley (STAY AWAY from ENSLEY unless you want to die), Fairfield, Bessemer etc... AVOID!

Birmingham, AL

Stay away if you are not white and from t - 1/8/2019
I have to agree. I have lived in Birmingham (Bham) for 8 years. I love Bham and I do miss it but like Katy said, you either live in a predominantly black neighborhood or a predominantly white (if it comes to houses) in in the south side which is the most diverse area there. I have lived near UAB so it's very diverse there. I used to have many friends but like Katy said, the local people won't deal with you so consequently, my friends were White from Europe, some Whites from AL, most were Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans and blacks from Africa. So, I you can see, only a few were local (less than 4 in total in 8 years!)...

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