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Victorville, CA

Gang crime, low wages, disparity everywhere. - 1/6/2018
In the early 2000s lots of cheap homes were built which attracted a lot of people from east LA and other terrible areas. Soon after the first gang unit was created in the local police and graffiti became a normal sight. I left Victorville in 2009 and every time I have visited since, it has become worse and worse. Do not enroll your kids in public school here. Gang violence was a regular thing at my highschool and police had to stop riots on multiple occasions on campus. The last time I visited was 2014. It literally feels like walking through east LA. Lots of people with face tattoos stare you down in public and young men waving gang signs in residential neighborhoods is an everyday thing. I visited the mall in 2014 and walked out immediately due to the obvious gang presence EVERYWHERE. My friends who decided to stay are still working for $10 and hour and there is very little mobility in the economy here.

Colorado Springs, CO

Good but declining - 1/6/2018
This place was great until weed attracted waves of junkies who now infest the trails and parks with garbage and crime. Its close to the mountains which are much nicer. The economy is great here and self employed people will always have customers. Colorado will soon turn into the next California though and that will surely change. Taxes in Colorado Springs have raised significantly in the last few years. I came here to escape California, so its still great in comparrisson.

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