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Honolulu, HI

Rich, Retired, or Tourist OK... - 10/8/2018
If you think you’re moving to “paradise,” don’t be fooled. (Unless you consider paradise to be a dirty, homeless-saturated, overpriced hub of bad service, bad food, horrible tippers (Asians & Australians don’t seem to understand the importance of gratuity), traffic jams, and two seasons (one miserably hot and humid, the other less miserably hot and humid), “paradise.”

It’s great to come vacation in Hawaii, don’t get me wrong, but the majority of people who were born and raised here have no clue as to how good life can actually be. For the most part, they watched their parents slave away and are now following in their footsteps, working multiple jobs, paying extremely high food and rent prices, and barely scraping by. For them, paying $600 for a studio all to themselves and actually making enough money as a teacher is a far away mystical dream that only happens in the magical place called “the mainland,” where they’re scared to go, for fear the “haole’s“ will wreak vengeance upon them once and for all. I kid, but only to a degree. There’s no time left to actually “enjoy” Hawaii if you’re part of its slave wheel.

So, if you’re rich, retired, or a tourist, Hawaii is great! Anyone else and you’re pretty much hating life, whether you’re and outsider and know it or a local and don’t.

Here, we find the “value” of republican ideals of tax breaks for the top one percent and everyone else getting the gaff. Here we have very little recycling, so we do dumb things like ship garbage to landfills in Washington state (paying all sorts of big money to do so). Though this weather would be perfect for agriculture, and some agriculture does exist here, the majority of food is shipped thousands of miles at a major expense to locals and the ecosystems of the ocean. Though this place would be ideal for the use of solar powering everything, there isn’t much of any of that going on at all. And yeah- they definitely need more busses to accommodate the overcrowding on them and hey what about electric busses instead of all the pollution pouring out of the petroleum fueled ones? Duh!!!

It’s just dumb here. The public school system has some of the lowest paid teachers in the nation. And why? They don’t actually want their kids to become truly smart and go into any real sorts of high-paying fields. All they want are more slaves for the hospitality industry to fill minimum wage jobs at hotels as restaurants. Their main industry is tourism, after all, but don’t expect to actually land an upper echelon job in management unless your parents had enough money to pay for your private school education.

Here in Hawaii is where we see a very big distinction between the rich and the poor and where there pretty much is no middle class left whatsoever. You’re either one of the poor majority or you’re quite rich. Take your pick. And it’s only getting worse with the “ideals” upheld by the rich, who maintain control over everything and the lack of proper education for the poor.

So, if you want to take part in this chaos, move to Hawaii. It’s not as bad on the other islands, although close. Oahu is the absolute worst. And you better love Asian people and hopefully know a bit of Japanese and enjoy catering to their every last need.

Finally, the nasty canal in Honolulu and boats that unleash their septic straight into the harbors are my final straw. I don’t consider swimming in fecal matter “paradise.” If you do actually come visit to see the natural beauty of Hawaii, at least go to Kauai or Maui or the Big Island. Don’t bother with this shit hole. Totally not worth it.

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