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Memphis, TN | 3 Review(s)

Late bloomer with lots of interests and energy. So far I have traveled, served in the military, taught children and adults, been a wife and mother and pet owner. I'm always looking for my next adventure.


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Education, Training, and Library
Enjoys: Writing, reading,movies, travel


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Reviews & Comments

Atlantic City, NJ

Las Vegas and San Diego east? - 12/14/2009
I am looking for a place to settle. Right now I'm in Memphis and don't want to stay. My home is New York City but I never retrace my steps. My focus has been the Southwest but that's far from family and I also want the beach sometimes. I could teach or work in real estate (or both) with my education and experience. Would Atlantic City be a good place to try? I've only been there once. My NY mom and brother go all the time.

San Diego, CA

re: San Diego is so not where I want to be - 9/11/
- 12/14/2009
Hey Lakeysha. I live in the Memphis area. I am looking to move too. This is not my home. I too am focusing on San Diego. I thought it was beautiful. Yes it's expensive but so is New York which is my home. I want to give it a try.

Memphis, TN

Memphis - 12/14/2009
A really strange place. Mild weather, torrid summers. Home of the Blues, Beale Street,and Graceland is in need of an upgrade. It has serious problems. It needs more and newer attractions. It has culture but needs more. The parks are boring. The racial divide is enormous. There is a lot of crime concentrated in the poor sections of town. Education is not used by the poor to better their lives. Young people view public assistance as a necessity. The only reason I still live here after 7 years is that we live in a suburb of Memphis. Even so it was annexed by the city so we get to pay city and county taxes. The city put in street lamps here and that's it. The city of Memphis has a new mayor now after 17 years of the same one. That in itself should tell you something. Mayors should have a term limit. After too long they think they're invincible and irreplaceable. Memphis politics has a long history of corruption, nepotism and incompetence. The county mayor has just replaced the city mayor. County politics and everything else run by the county has had a good reputation. If the new city mayor runs the city like he ran the county there is hope.

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