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Salem, OR

Don't like Salem? Consider - 3/18/2015
I agree with the point that Salem is not for everyone but it could be worse. Not just worse, a lot worse.

I've lived in Arizona all my life. That said, let me tell you some things that I've noticed visiting Salem several times. The last few times I visited the grocery store there I was asked if I would like assistance out with my groceries. The last time someone in Arizona asked me that was twenty years ago. Everyone stops for you in parking lots to let you cross. Do that in Arizona or California, you're as good as dead. Crime is somewhat high in Salem. However, not anywhere near most cities across the nation. Also, everyone tries to talk to you. In my home state everyone is not friendly like in Salem or Oregon.

The things that I like most about in Salem or Oregon, I guess requires some attention and maturity. Let me explain. Theres tons to do there like hiking, fishing, festivals, events, breweries, wine tasting, boating, beaches the list goes on. I can only assume that when people say there is nothing to do there they mean things like nightclubs, warmer sun bathing beaches, large amusement parks and maybe more sun. Heres my point finally. Most of the cities that have these things have no passion. It's about money, bragging rights and/or living basically a superficial lifestyle. More people in Salem and Oregon have hobbies and passions like photography, fishing, college athletics, crabbing, boating end even kite flying. I'm not saying that people in other states don't do these things. Nor am I saying that they don't have passion. They do. Just not to the extent that Oregon does. Like I said its more about bragging rights, titles and money. Not fun. The nightclub/bar thing? That gets old and in the overall scheme of things, it's an empty lifestyle. Also, it you want to go to an amusement park occasionally, then make the trip. If you lived next to one and went there a lot, that gets old too.

As far as the rain? I get that. Not everyone likes a lot of it.

I traveled a lot in my younger days while in the service. Many, many places do not have the spirit that i've seen in Oregon. Theres a lot of places in the US where people just have a zombie stare and live a superficial life. Salem and Oregon to me is about passion, living and enjoying the simple things in life.

Phoenix, AZ

re: Winter in Chicago compare to winter in Phoenix
- 3/18/2015
Summers in Arizona kills just as many older people as winters do in very cold states. If you want to hid indoors all summer, you will love this place. Your utility bills is the summer will rival those that you get it the winters there also. There's so many people that overcompensate by moving to the desert to escape 10 ft of snow. Theres plenty of places between the two extremes. Why move from the freezer to the oven when you can move to the pantry?

Of course, like most, you've already made up your mind. Please don't shoot yourself in the foot with stubborn pride.

Phoenix, AZ

Venting! - 10/20/2014
6 months! Cannot Wait! Just got home. Pulling out of a parking lot and someone pulled around another vehicle down the street. He was doing about 70 in a 40. Flipped me off like him almost hitting me had nothing to do with his speed. Had a sleeveless, beat up trashy t shirt on. Typical Phoenician.
Aggressive, sense of entitlement, trashy, ignorant, snobby. Success is defined by how much you make or how much you think you will make. Even the ones that don't make money behave like they do. Thats this culture too. Commercialism, job titles and acting the part. Thats all this town is about. Even the ones who do make some money don't make enough to justify their behavior. People do a lot of things here, but they don't do them to enjoy them or because they have a passion for them. They do things for bragging rights. I went scuba diving, I went to California, I went to a club last night, I...I...I. I've witnessed this this all my life here and thats why I'm leaving.
My brother took his kids to another state about 10 years ago. What a turn around in their behavior! No way am I telling anyone which one. First of all it would get nit picked. Second, If I would not want to anyone to make the place more crowded. They have such a sense of spirit now, that most don't have in Arizona.

I've never seen such an empty, dead place of all the places I've been.

Damn near everyone is divorced or married multiple times, never live in the same place for a few years and act like they live the California lifestyle. As if that was not bad enough, they do it all at the same time they preach family values. If you want to pretend like your living "the" lifestyle here, until you're old (between the sun and smokers you will look it), burned out and miserable and your kids grow up to be empty, soulless, and materialistic sociopaths then this is the place for you.

Phoenix, AZ

42 Year Resident - 9/23/2014
Please do not listen to the real estate agents posting here.

This city is so diluted with commercialism and has no no culture whatsoever. Its bland and everything looks the same. If you click on things to do in the news website, the only thing they talk about are bars, dining and movies. In that order too. Very rarely will you see festivals or outdoor events. Most of the larger outdoor events they do have are always overrun with gang activity. Also, you will not be able to enjoy the event as they are in the hot summer or two hours away. We've lost 40% of our forestland in Arizona in the past 10 years due to fires and beetles. If you want to have culture or your kids to have lifetime experiences. This is NOT it. You can find it, but it is rare and diluted at best.

I've posted here many times before. I will probably go on until I leave in March of 2015. I was one of those suckers that always talked about leaving, never did and became institutionalized by my familiarity with Phoenix.

Life is short. You can do much better.

Phoenix, AZ

re: Something for Everyone - 9/16/2014
- 9/23/2014
I guess if you put grains of sand under a microscope, you can find a never ending stream of variety there too. Please, other than white and hispanic there is no other diversity. If you click on things to do in the news website, the only thing they talk about are bars, dining and movies. Very rarely will you see festivals or outdoor events. Most of the larger outdoor events they do have always are always overrun with gang activity. If you want to have culture or your kids to have life time experiences. This is NOT it.

Arizona, AZ

Dry Heat? OK sure. - 8/8/2014
Yes. Dry heat in the desert for the most part. Although that claim has a large flaw. The two months out of the which are also the hottest, its monsoon season. July and August, give or take a week or two, are extremely humid. Imagine the worst humidity in the country that you have ever felt, then add 15 degrees to it. If you can stay indoors or take a vacation for a month or two (which most do, even the ones that "love it here") you will be able to handle the rest of it. If being able to handle this type of climate is what you want.

Phoenix, AZ

Carefully Consider - 8/8/2014
My parents moved here when I was two and I have lived here for more than 45 years. For the last two years I have been preparing to leave Phoenix for another location. I’m not going to say where. I find that people can pinpoint small stuff if you give the name of the destination. We are narrowing down the job search and updating our home to maximize our equity and shorten the sale time after it goes on the market. This does take time if you want to do it right.

Some (though not many) of the negative comments on here are from people that have already moved out of Phoenix. Note the location after the person’s name. Others state that they are in the process of moving or, like myself, have to prepare before they go. Others may be stuck here for a while until they get some things situated. Some may have family to take care for example and would leave but can’t yet. The bottom line is most of them (negative posters) ARE leaving or would leave if they could.

Why did they move here to begin with? Job transfers, seductive real estate brochures, family, parents moved out when they were children, whatever. Yes, some knew that it would be a desert and decided to try it and just underestimated it. Now they hate it and ARE leaving or are planning their exit.

Most that come and stay are looking for job security. Others want to escape 15 feet of snow. Why they move from the freezer to the oven and don’t pick the milder climates? No idea. There are plenty of places between the two extremes. There are many other issues besides the heat (see my previous top ten post). Whatever the reason they move here, about half decide to stay and the other half leaves WHEN AND IF THEY CAN.

Why do the remainder stay? You start to notice the small details of the local behavior when you have lived here for as long as I have. Some did want to leave at some point but life just catches up with them and so they start to rationalize their existence here. Then they tell themselves they like it. Others get institutionalized by their jobs, or by their familiarity of the area (this happened to me until I woke up). Then they just deal with all the negatives. Also, some have only been here a few years and have not got over the euphoria of moving to a new location. Very few of the people that live here actually love it from start to end. Those that do are very unique.

Phoenix, AZ

Simple Formula for Phoenix - 6/8/2014
Phoenix = Los Angelas - Beach + 20 Degrees

Phoenix, AZ

Zombies everywhere - 3/18/2014
No culture, no community cohesiveness, no personality. Just a bunch of zombies walking around and sweating in the heat.

Phoenix, AZ

re: Top 10 dumbest excuses for Phoenix - 1/19/2014
- 2/6/2014
note: Phoenix is referred to as a state a couple of times. They are one in the same with me. Phoenix is so dominate in the area.

Phoenix, AZ

Top 10 dumbest excuses for Phoenix - 1/19/2014
I lived in Phoenix for all of my life and I have never liked it. I have been trying like hell, especially over the last couple of years, to leave it. I'm just trying to get that job lined up and get into a better position. Maybe its just me and I have a different tastes for climate. However, I hear some of the lamest rationalizations to stay. Hear is my top ten list. For the dense, I even explain why.

1) There could be worse places to stay. -Thats pretty bad when you need to talk about the worst places to make Phoenix look good.

2) The snow gets about 15 feet high where I used to live. - Theres plenty of places that get snow. However, some of those that do may only get a few inches.

3) Some plants get frostbite in the winter. This is proof of how cold it does get hear. - Some yards in Phoenix have tropical plants and/or higher temperature zone plants in them. This means these are not native to phoenix and the one time of the year we get freezing temperatures they don't do well.

4) Yes, Phoenix does have high pollution. However where I come from there is a lot more. - Refer to the explanation in excuse number one.

5) There are a number of good schools in Phoenix. - Yes. But only very few. The rest are sub par. Phoenix has been consistently ranked in the bottom forty of states for education throughout all facets, for many years. The most recent ratings have improved only because they have recently been allowed to use their own state grading guidelines.

6) There is plenty of culture in Phoenix. - Phoenix is the Alabama of the southwest. I will let you find out for yourself on that one. If your still willing to move here.

7) It's a dry heat! - Yes, for ten months out of the year. For two of the hottest months of the year (the ones that count), it's very humid. You'll wish you had Florida's humidity for those two months.

8) The crime is worse in some cities. - Again, refer to the explanation in excuse number one.

9) The pollution is worse in some cities. - Do I need need to repeat it?

10) The desert is so wonderful and the sunsets are awesome! - Dry, dead, stucco, gravel, brown, haze, cactus, sand, barren. I guess the sunsets would be great if everything else is crap.

Phoenix, AZ

re: If you hate it here, then please LEAVE!!! - 6/
- 6/29/2013
No. No place is perfect. But theres many a lot closer to it than Phoenix.

Phoenix, AZ

re: If you hate it here, then please LEAVE!!! - 6/
- 6/29/2013
10 months my backside!. Try 5 months. its only June right now and its going to be 118 today. It does not cool off untl October.

"Its one less vehicle I have to deal with in traffic and one less person in line at the check out or customer service I have to wait"

Sounds like you have an issue with the crowds too!

Sounds like you have a issue with the crowds too!

Phoenix, AZ

Weather - 4/22/2013
It seems lke the only way the some people can make Phoenix look good is by comparing it to somewhere that gets 15 feet of snow. It gets so hot here in the summer it eats the paint off the side of your house.

Flagstaff, AZ

re: Living in Flagstaff - 9/16/2012
- 4/22/2013
It also looks bad comparing the commute time to Los Angeles in order to make that look good too. Really? Thats like saying Osama Bin Laden was not that bad because Hitler was worse.

Flagstaff, AZ

re: Living in Flagstaff - 9/16/2012
- 4/22/2013
Thats pretty bad when you have to compare the cost of living to places like Boulder in order to make it look inexpensive.

Ann Arbor, MI

re: Dislike this town - 7/9/2009
- 4/10/2013
News Flash...in 2009 real estate values were falling all accross the country. Some people live in a boring world I guess when everything is black and white to them. Furthmore, I thought liberals were supposed to be all on social programs? Suddenly their all rich yuppies?

Phoenix, AZ

re: Az. Sucks - 2/25/2013
- 4/9/2013
Hey Vito. Why is it that the only way that people can make Phoenix look good is by comparing to someplace that gets tons of snow every year. Theres plenty of places in the middle. Air quality is definately worse in phoenix. As far as crime, give it some time.

Phoenix, AZ

re: People knocking Phx. - 9/1/2011
- 7/7/2012
You found ONE other place to live and it was the extreme opposite. That’s exactly what my parents did too when they moved here. They lived in upstate New York. It snows until it gets 15 ft high there. So, what they did is moved from one of the coldest climates to the hottest. I will never understand why people do this. That would be like moving from the freezer to the oven. In your case, from the oven to the freezer. What’s wrong with the pantry? There are plenty of cities in the U.S. that are in the middle.
The only reason I've been here as long as I have is family. Now that I have one of my own, I'm leaving as soon as I'm able. Phoenix was good when I was a young child, but it has become steadily worse. Dirt, pollution, crowds, traffic. Look at the air quality listing on this site. It has become dangerous! Keep it all to yourself.


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