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Phoenix, AZ

Consider before moving here what you're g - 1/15/2020
John, I've lived in several different states but yes I'm originally from the Midwest so take that into consideration. Given the option of living in Tucson or Phoenix I'd take Tucson any day. Tucson however has just as bad as a homeless population. I've just noticed most that ask for money in Phoenix are not in fact homeless, just junkies or cheap. As far as the trash comment- I just think Phoenix is on the whole dirty. But I guess that comes with a lot of people. I've lightened my views on the city since writing my review but still know this is not a permanent destination for me. Once I leave, I won't be back here to live again. I feel like people migrate here to escape the cold, I just think their are much better options if you're retired or just hate snow.

Phoenix, AZ

Consider before moving here what you're getting - 1/6/2020
I moved here for a job a few months ago and unfortunately won't be staying long. To summarize:

The bad:
-Traffic. I was a little shocked coming from a mid-sized city the amount of traffic. Luckily I time my commutes so they are either after the morning rush and after the evening one. My job luckily permits this, or I'd go even crazier. Drivers are generally bad and I feared getting in accidents often. This has evened out a bit as I try not to drive unless I absolutely have to now. So long, recreational trips. There's just too many people that live here.
-Ugly. I love the southwest and lived in Tucson for a number of years. You won't really get that living here much. It's all infrastructure and roads everywhere. I often forget I'm even in the desert. Trash is kind of everywhere.
-Beggars. I get asked/begged for money every time I stop to get gas.
-Air quality. My sinuses have been bad since moving here. I think it's due to the poor air quality here.
-Higher cost of living. Not terrible, but also not good. I'd be happy to pay extra if this place was worth living.
-Gas prices. Gas is higher here by nearly $1 more a gallon from the Midwest prices.
-Library system is pretty bad for a city of this size.

-I found a fairly high paying job here.
-More dating prospects.
-Apartment cost isn't "terrible" but not low either. I think I got a bit lucky in that I secured a place the next day after arriving.
-Comfortable winter. I haven't experienced the summer here as of yet but hopefully will be gone before that happens.

When I decided to move here, I had many people give me warnings about Phoenix. I didn't listen and thought it'd be fine. Wrong. Yes, it's "okay" but definitely was a mistake coming here and uprooting my life only to begin searching for a new home immediately.

Des Moines, IA

Not a city for renters - 9/15/2016
I will be moving to Des Moines due to a job offer. Little did I know that it is extremely expensive to live here. It's a little deceiving since everything you read online says the opposite. What they don't tell you is that the properties are crap and not maintained or updated. Most rentals look like they've never been renovated since they were built in the early 1900s. The appliances are also older than you can imagine. For something "decent" expect to pay around $900-$1100 a month. Had I known this, I probably would have rejected the job offer since I'm only making 6K more than I was in my previous job (western state). I had to find something in Grimes (about 20 minutes away) and am still paying nearly ($1,000) a month in rent for a two bedroom. Lots of apartments are only available to those that make around 30K a year and still charge around $800 a month. I moved from the southwest and you can rent a 3 bedroom house for around $800 a month. Most people are shocked a Midwestern state is so much more expensive than living out west. So was I but unfortunately I'm locked in now as I've put a lot of money toward the move to Des Moines. I get the impression lots of wealthy people here. Housing prices are more reasonable to buy.

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