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Atlanta, GA

No straight roads.
- 1/7/2019
Ok, the roads are winding and change names, but living in Tucker is hardly living in Atlanta. Would you review NYC based on Newark?

Atlanta has a quite high education level-- not as great as Boston-- but education can always be improved. It has over 100 universities and colleges in the metro, so opportunity is better here than many places. One star is harsh, but again, Tucker?

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Great Place to Live - 1/6/2019
Atlanta is an incredibly exciting and very progressive city. Having lived all over the world myself, I believe it is among the best. You need not compare it to other metros because it is unique all to itself. It is where urban and nature combine best.

Don't bother with the suburbs-- would you move to the Bronx or Newark? Intown Atlanta has it all. Forget about the southern or conservative distorted images/ news coverage. Those are about suburban places in Georgia, not the city.

Atlanta has the largest and best arts community-- of every kind-- from D.C. to L.A.
It has fantastic restaurants and some of the most beautiful neighborhoods, many having a high walk score.

And, the city's burgeoning tech industry is expected to soon be the nation's 4th largest, according to Forbes.

Atlanta, GA

Population growth is destroying Atlanta m - 1/6/2019
Well, this person doesn't seem like a very reliable source, considering his words "detestable transient druggie beggars" shows his prejudices.

The parts of Atlanta which are more accepting of all people have always been ITP (inside the perimeter). We welcome everyone. Intown Atlanta is exciting, progressive, beautiful and safe.

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