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Dripping Springs, TX

re: Problems with our Principal: Dripping Springs
- 4/22/2015
This wildly inaccurate review was written by James Bisett, a known bully in the community. His views are false, hurtful, and do not represent our wonderful principal or our great school. This untrue review needs to be removed from this website. If James doesn't get his way in our town, he leaves hate or lies on the internet-- the very definition of an internet bully / troll. The parents and staff of Dripping Springs are very proud of principal Tricia Hassell and her fine educational accomplishments with our kids.

Dripping Springs, TX

Dripping Springs Elementary Best Principal! - 4/21/2015
Right now we have the best principal, Mrs. Tricia Hassell at our school! She is the most positive, upbeat and loving principal our school has ever had! She has made such a powerful difference in the learning in just 2 years--it is amazing! She greets the kids and families each morning and will always take the time to listen to a comment or concern.

Completely saddened to hear that we will be losing Mrs. Hassell at the end of this school year. She was exactly what DSE needed to keep moving forward as a school! She will be missed greatly!

Dripping Springs, TX

Dripping Springs Elementary School is fantastic! - 4/17/2015
The principal of Dripping Springs Elementary School, Mrs. Hassell, is an amazing person and educator. She always makes her decisions based on what is best for kids and loves the children dearly. Each morning she greets them with a smile and has such a big heart! I really feel that the community may need to look in the mirror- as this is the third principal DSES has had in just 5 years! She has made such a positive difference on the campus and she has high expectations for students and staff, giving our kids wonderful opportunities. Our school is making great progress under her leadership and our test scores are higher than ever! She has brought innovation, creativity and leadership to the campus. The staff is amazing also and they do a great job giving our students a wonderful learning environment, too! DSES is the best!

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