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Sun Prairie, WI | 2 Review(s)

Approaching Retirement, I have lived in Wisconsin most of my life, between Lake Michigan and central Wisconsin.

I am married, work for the State Pension Fund, and hope to retire in a much warmer climate than Wisconsin's fridgid winters within the next 3 years!


Life Stage: Empty Nester
Occupation: Financial Services

Reviews & Comments

Kerrville, TX

All that glitters is not gold - 7/29/2017
We have been looking at Kerrville as our retirement landing place for many years and have been there many times. We were recently there (July 2017) to begin seriously looking at properties and were surprised at some of the changes we found. This once friendly town that seemed to be growing seemed to be in a different place now. As we visited with local folks at gun clubs, eat joints, retail stores, etc., we learned that not only has a lot of new business come into town, but the town does not want to build more badly needed middle class housing. They do not have a city planner. Some folks want to hire a firm to plan and build middle class neighborhoods and a lot of the community is opposed. This would explain the rudeness we experienced in many places (more rude folks than friendly this trip).
We had real estate people hang up on us- tell us property was not available to outsiders – or just give the asking price and hang up. The questions was “I see you have a property listed at XYZ address and was hoping you could provide more information on it please” One just said no and hung up.
Some of the locals told us the town was deeply divided on this issue and while some new business has come in, they could not get the badly needed middle class houses built for the workers the businesses need. We saw quite a number of businesses that have been there already gone. Furniture stores, retail stores, the mall is dying, while there are many restaurants in town, we were very surprised at the number that have closed up.
This town is headed in the wrong direction and would suggest you avoid it until they get their act together. That will not happen overnight. It’s a real shame. This used to be a really nice town.

Sun Prairie, WI

Climate review for Sun Prairie, WI - 7/9/2012
Typically cold winters, lots of snow. Summers are typically pleasant, but can be high humidity. Poor Air Quality year round.
Mild spring and fall
Summer can have days in the 90's +, but typically, no more than 1 week or so in August, the hotest month of the year.

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