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Griffin, GA

This town is a blight on the earth - 2/28/2010
There is nothing to say good about Griffin GA. A former mill town with that same mentality still to this day-even with all the mills defunct. The main employer is Griffin technical college run by an idiot - Robert Arnold- who has numerous complaints filed against him, yet he is still there, who forces his teachers to pass the students through with a "no child left behind mentality". Parents, NEVER send your children here, they lie, steal, and commit educational ethics violations daily if not hourly.
The businesses are mom and pop at best except for Wally World. It is 12 miles off the interstate which helped lead to the pathetic demise it is in as far as unemployment goes.
You have numerous Holiness'esq churches all around- where one preacher has a cosmetology degree rather than a theological degree and is doing one of his choir members while his wife is in failing health...good times all around. Crime is rampant, equal in fact to Atlanta but smaller scale-the ghetto and housing are equally squallid. You have your small town groups of wannabe's that you cannot infiltrate-as if one would want to for Petes' sake-you know the small fish smaller pond types..?
No reason to move to this place, period.

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