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Oreana, IL | 1 Review(s)

Country boy, Marine, computer guru, retired old fart, wannabe gormet cook and baker. Always able to find something to do for fun and hobby.


Life Stage: Retired
Occupation: Computers, Software


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Moline, IL

Moline beats many of the alternatives - 6/27/2010
I've lived lots of places around the country. Started out in Moline, and return every few months. For those who complain about lack of arts and culture, you're 3 hours from Chicago if you drive the speed limit - 2 hours if you push it. There you can find your museums and much more - a lot of it undesirable. Go to St Louis for more culture (and the highest crime rate in the country). Both of the above have pro sports of every category.

If Moline is too liberal, so is the East Coast and the West Coast. The Liberals are working on changing that - just as the Conservatives drove the country to liberalism, the Liberals are driving it to ???.

The Quad Cities has much to offer. Scenic country, friendly businesses, county fairs, antiques, flea markets, nice people, smiles, and more. And short drives to things which only big cities have.

If you don't like the QC, don't condemn it - either work to change it or move to some place that has all the things you think you need. Just be aware of the baggage those places carry.

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