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San Antonio, TX

Good Review - 7/23/2018
I’ve read some of the older reviews of San Antonio and it is interesting to see all the different opinions. I have lived in Seattle, Atlanta, Naples, and Austin and they all have their pros and cons. I was able to find the beauty in all of these places. I think San Antonio is a gem as someone had written before. Someone criticized it’s laid back culture full of siestas and parties and I say YASSSS to this!! I was really tired of the rat race and San Antonio just offers a higher quality of life with less of that daily stress. Thank God a lot of San Antonio doesn’t care for or puts up with pretentiousness. A lot of great things are happening to the city and San Antonions will continue to celebrate a city full of soul. Yes, my soul is happier here because I live more authentically with less worry and more humility.

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