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Missoula, MT

Missoula-Friendly and Beautiful Place - 9/17/2019
"I could not believe some of the reviews on here. I am not sure if we are living in the same town!"

It is ignorant to assume that people think like you do.

Missoula, MT

Pure crap, all image
- 9/17/2019
Y: "I voted for Trump."

Me: I did not vote for Trump.

"I hate liberals"

I don't hate anybody. I'm not irrational.

"I have no idea what it is like to live in a big city."

I sure do. I know every move that people in big cities make. You can tell those lies but you are only fooling you.

Also, not that I voted for Trump; but I'm sure tons of liberals voted for Trump. Yep, it's possible for liberals to vote for Trump just like conservatives. And it's possible for conservatives to vote for Democrat. Seems like somebody here is pretty dumb and a wing-nut. Congratulations on embarrassing yourself, Erica - instead of being passive-aggressive, please try to make a more constructive response next time?

Missoula, MT

Pure crap, all image
- 9/3/2019
"Tom L you seem to be a very happy and contented man. The city is lucky to have you. One question though: How can you continue to live in a city that is "feeble and sanctimonious". By the way, How is it that a city can be..."

This comment makes no sense to me.

Orlando, FL

Why is this overly racist comment even on here?

Lake Charles, LA

A city of scumbags, lowlives and thieves - 8/6/2019
This city really sucks. I don't like Lake Charlesians, they are all scumbags. Don't buy into the hype that revolves around it. It is a very boring and corrupt city, and a terrible place to raise children. It is also very deadly as a high crime wave constantly. Nobody seems like this place very much. Some Lake Charlesians would have you to think otherwise. But no, they don't know how crap and schlocky this city really is. Most of them have never even been outside of Lake Charles before, so the ones who defend it would not really know how bad it actually is. As someone mentioned a few definitions before, nobody goes to Lake Charles because it's a good place to live. They only go there for job opportunities. All of the rivers and lakes and beaches in this city are polluted by chemical waste where corrupt corporations dump their waste into the lakes and rivers. The kids in the schools are some of the meanest in the country (maybe not just Lake Charles - but the suburbs of Moss Bluff and Westlake have very mean people. Especially the middle and high schools.) The Southern side is all right, but it's still pretty boring out there and is no longer "country". The people here are very very mean too. Everybody in this city seems very "in it for themselves" and "dog eat dog".

Missoula, MT

Pure crap, all image - 8/6/2019
Don't be deceived by what people on here, or in the media tell you. This place is an absolute dump. It is only designed to reel-in transplants. The people in this city are as fake and dumb as they come. Small city, but very Democratic and more like the West Coast. No, I do not see this as a magical city. People are trying to make this place look fancy and good. Someone on here mentioned earlier that the people are mellow or in-between. No extremists - Which could not be any further from the truth. None of the people here really like each other. This is a pretentious city that tries to make itself look good on the outside, but lacks substance. Most people don't realize that Missoula is just another Democratic city for corrupt politicians to do experiments on human beings that they use as robots.

Housing costs too much, and only the richest can afford these houses. They are very good-looking houses, but it's not really worth moving here to work. Not a good job market, not many good industries. Very feeble and sanctimonious city. Montana has good nature and scenery, but the people here in Missoula just do not cut it.

This city is all just illusion and image. Missoulian's thoughts are their own thoughts. It looks good on photos and media, but when you finally arrive you realize this is another boring fatass 9 to 5 work city and with dull, passive-aggressive, pretentious, greedy awful people. The city of Missoula may be trying to make it work effortlessly (as a so-called "sophisticated, refined, paradise city") but this will probably never happen.

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