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Seattle, WA

Seattle Changed - 11/10/2019
I was born in Seattle and lived there over 60 years. Back in the 50's and 60's Seattle believe it or not was very much like Mayberry. Even into the 70's there wasn't much homelessness seen the suburbs it was mainly located in the downtown area, and in only certain downtown areas not the whole thing.Now fast forward to the 2000's and tent cities are popping up all over the suburbs. Our leave it to beaver neighborhood had tent communities showing up on sidewalks. Mailbox break ins were happening almost on a daily basis along with cars. We sold our house in 2018 and moved out of state. While on the market we had squatters twice break in and leave their needles and drug paraphernalia. Housing is definitely high we sold our tiny house for over $400k and bought a house out of state over 2,000 sq ft for under $240k. If you are a Republican it is definitely hard to share your views as Seattle being mostly Democrat. I found at least my my circle I felt I couldn't express my views without being slammed. We moved because Seattle changed. Now we live in a community of less than 40,000 people which is nice. Still not Mayberry but a lot better.

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Overpopulated & overpriced
- 11/3/2019
I would live in Post Falls, Rathdrum, Hauser Lake, Athol or Sandpoint areas and shop in Coeur D'alene. As those communities are a little more small town than Coeur D'alene. Due to Highway 90 and 95 going thru the city. Plus all the big businesses that are in other major cities like Spokane or Seattle are in Coeur D'alene. Living in Post Falls I've never seen people with signs asking for money but I have in Coeur D'alene.

Post Falls, ID

Like it for now - 10/7/2019
Moved here from Seattle in 2018. Even though the population is under 40,000 it doesn't feel like small town Mayberry. The biggest mistake I see happening is the building of new construction communities with no added amenities, like grocery stores, near those new housing communities. Plus all the houses have no land and are almost on top of each other. I suppose if you don't like lawn work or gardening that would be ok. There are two major grocery stores in town. Super 1 and Yokes. They are fairly close to one another only separated by I-90. There are two Walmart stores one to the West in Post Falls the other to the East. All the major stores that you see in big cities like Seattle like Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertson's, Home Depot, Lowes etc are all in Coeur d'alene which is about 9 miles away. If you want a place to eat, buy a car, service a car, Post Falls has that. It seems every time a new business comes into town it is a place to eat. The main road thru town is Seltice Way, the locals only refer to it as Seltice and never say the Way part. This road can take you clear into Coeur d'alene. You never see homeless people with signs asking for money or tent cities, or gang activity. For the most part you don't see garbage everywhere. Public restrooms usually have no graffiti on the walls. Having lived here over a year now I have seen increased traffic as people are moving here but still nothing compared to Seattle. If you do move here be aware that Post Falls gets a lot of snow on average during the winter season 69 inches according to the weather people. The 2018-2019 season saw 96 inches of snow. I don't know the percentage of people who move here from places that don't typically get a lot of snow and last only one season and leave town, but I'm sure there are a few.

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