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Scottsdale, AZ

Sunshine, Friendliest People, Best Place - 11/29/2018
I have to hand it to you for the positive attitude, but I couldn't disagree more. Unfortunately, the only melting pot I've seen since I've lived here the past seven years is a melting pot of douchebags. No matter where in this town I go, there they are. I put the house up for sale last night, though, so my wife and I are moving back to Washington pronto. Three hundred days of rain a year never sounded so good.

Scottsdale, AZ

Douchebaggery Gone Wild - 11/28/2018
I've had the misfortune of living in this sweltering cesspool for seven years now. I wish I could say I've adapted, that the initial misery I first felt when I moved here from the Pacific Northwest, finally wore off, but life is short. Why lie? In fact, it has gotten worse. Never have I encountered a town with such a preponderance of phonies. The douchebags just keep getting douchier every year. Douchebags "bragging" about the money they don't have. Douchebags leasing douchebag cars, pretending they're owned. Douchebags boasting about getting into D-grade clubs in Old Town - if you can really even call them clubs - or their "VIP" status. Translation: In Scottsdale, VIP means you get to sit in a roped-off area full of douchebags trying to impress the other douchebags around them. Yes, in Scottsdale, douchebaggery abounds. It's sad. It's stale. It's over. These people have no clue how pitiful they look, a bunch of nobodies trying their hardest to impress the other no-name desert rats around them. No thanks. I've talked it over with the missus, and it's official: Tonight we're putting the house up for sale and moving the *bleep* out. It can't happen soon enough.

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