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Brainerd, MN

If you vacation near Brainerd mn you probably want - 6/2/2015
Research, research, research! Personal reviews don't give you the "whole" story! Whether the opinions are "glowing" or scathing do not base your opinion on them! Some opinions are based on only the opinion of the writer. You need proof and facts. Brainerd is a town of less than 20,000 people. After about a year of living here everyone knows you and you know everyone. They don't call it the "Brainerd Lakes area" for nothing. You'd have access to almost every lake in Minnesota. You'll expect high traffic, both on foot and in cars during tourist season. The town is all about hospitality because most of the industry relies on tourism to make a living. During the summer 75% of the Twin City area residents are in Crow Wing and Atkin Counties or on vacation there. Your job will be to keep it beautiful, comfortable and safe. Brainerd/Baxter does not tolerate crime and with more and more technology the town will know who did what. You and your children have got to feel safe here for the sake of both the residents and tourists. Enjoy what you have out your own back door and be braced and knowledgeable about living through the sometimes brutal winters. People aren't joking about us being in Minnesnowta! Brainerd has a lot of automotive and home improvement industry. It's prepared with a Public Transportation System and plenty of health care facilities. It's about 150 miles (or an hour and a half) from Minneapolis by freeway. All severe trauma cases are air lifted by helicopter supplied by a chopper always at the ready by North Memorial Medical Center. Enjoy and protect if for no other reason than to support the economy of Minnesota!

Brainerd, MN

re: Great Living - 6/12/2008
- 6/2/2015
You've summed up what we've noticed over the 57 years we've been though there on our way north, shopped at, eat at, and visited. We are in the last of our working years and we office from home. I can only add Public Transportation services and quick access to thousands of lakes. Be ready for the cold winters and summer paradise!

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