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Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Aerospace/Aviation/Defense


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Sarasota, FL

Do Not Recommend - 1/14/2018
I have lived here since 2009. Sarasota is the most undesirable place I have ever lived. I have lived all over the United States. Why?

1-The rudest people I have ever met.
2-The most aggressive inconsiderate drivers.
3-The poorest restaurants in the US.
4-No traffic law enforcement.
5-Accidents daily.
6-Retailers and repairman constantly trying to take you.

Would never have moved here if I knew then what I know now.

Sarasota, FL

Do Not Move To The Sarasota Bradenton Area - 2/25/2015
Have lived here since 2009. Moved here from Washington State. People are rude and inconsiderate and hard to deal with. Difficult to make friends. Area draws a lot of criminals. Want to move back to the West Coast where people are much more open and friendly. Moving here was a huge mistake.

Florida, FL

re: Bradenton - 6/7/2009
- 5/15/2010
Bradenton is qute run down. We actually chose Lakewood Ranch. It is new, clean and well maintained with great schools. The driving is very bad however. The income level is high and people think they have arrived and the attitude comes with it. If you have no manners and do not care about others and plan to drive 40 MPH over the speed limit please do not come to Florida!

Sarasota, FL

Have Lived In Lakewood Ranch for 6 months - 2/20/2010
My wife and kids moved to Lakewood Ranch which is a new area outside of Sarasota about 6 months ago.

I have always wanted to live in Florida as I got tired of the cold and winters of Wenatchee Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

Florida has been a rude awankening for us as it is not at all what we expected.

We have found the people a bit cold and distant as most are snow birds who have moved from the Northeast. We have managed to find however a handful of friends who were warm and welcoming.

Our travels to Miami and Miami International Airport have been extremely stressful. Driving in the Lakewood Ranch area has been a bit unenjoyable also. Drivers are very agressive and can be extremely inpolite in our area as well as throughout the I75 corridor. There are usually 7 to 10 accidents a day between Tampa and Naples.

After our experience here I do miss the warm friendly people of the Pacific Northwest. I wish the Pacific Northwest had the weather that Florida does.

Wenatchee, WA

About Wenatchee, Washington
- 9/7/2005
I was born and raised there. Wenatchee boasts many fine recreational opportunities. Mission Ride Ski area is about 11 miles outside of town. Lake Chelan is 36 miles from town. The area sits on the eastern slope of the Cascades and does not experience the rainfall or the overcast skies that the Seatte area experiences. The summers are generally hot and dry with winters being cold. In recent years there has been little snowfall which is a bit unusual for this area. Power rates are probably the lowest in the country due to many dams being in the area. I would not recommend living in the area however. The area has been econonmically depressed for as long as I can remember. At lest for the last 25 years. Very few opportunities and very little job growth. The areas thinking is extremely conservative which will continue to hamper its future growth.

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