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Weston, FL

Flooding and Insect Problems - 4/14/2018
Part of the flooding problem is not just that the soil is unable to soak up the water but more problematic is that there is no proper drainage system to drain off the excess water. So the water accumulates for days on top of the soil all around your house and harbors a lot of worms and bugs. When it rains heavily it is like the pool is going to overflow into the house as the excess cannot find its way out. The water from the golf course also runs into your property. In addition, if you have selfish neighbors (like I do) with the gutters on their house positioned to drain the excess water on your property then you are faced with triple jeopardy. The HOA refuse to address these problem as all the residents are buddy buddy golf players. Weston Hills name has an exotic ring to it. But it is just a place for admiring not for easy living. Do not be misled by its convenient surroundings and the fact that it is very safe. The average Joe needs a balance lifestyle and should not be investing money to be having constant fights with the mean-spirited HOA members (old farts) for your rights as a home owner without no avail. Another huge problem - tree roots run under ground all over your land space and under the house to the point where the bricks around my pool area have been erupted. It not safe during the hurricane season as the old trees are very old and easily uprooted especially those on the golf course - they will damage your property. Weston is a bit of a pit and do not be duped into moving to this hell.

Weston, FL

Do not be fooled by the manicured landscape - 4/13/2018
Honestly speaking - Weston is not what is appeared to be. The place is beautiful but the people who are living there are just so mean-spirited and conniving. First, the Home Owner's Association (HOA) wants to unleash power over you as a home owner. As a home owner, you have no rights as the HOA wants to dictate what you do with your own home. You cannot put in a plant of your choice, you cannot paint your own home, you cannot change the door, you cannot fix your roof, among a litany of things without the HOA's approval. They might or might not approve depending on your race and there is no recourse. All the members connived to make your life a living hell. Second, the HOA believe that they have the right to trespass on your property anytime to pinpoint what you should fix (whether it is the fence that is dirty or you should clean the lizard feces on the roof or fix a minor crack in the drive way) and then has the audacity to leave crude notes under your door with deadlines to fix what they perceived need fixing. This is so outrageously ridiculous. Third, on weekends, especially during the Christmas season, the neighbors will host parties well beyond midnight with music blasting and people shouting. There is no security regulations to control nuisance noise. Or if there is, it has not been adhered to because everyone connives with each other. Fourth, do not be fooled by the beautiful golf course either. If your house is located near the golf course, then that is very problematic. The early morning golfers have no respect as they are very noisy which is a big negative when you want a good early morning sleep. Not to mention, the danger of the golf balls careening in your backyard and in the pool. The danger of breaking your window is imminent. And the million leaves blowing from the trees on the golf course into your backyard and into the pool. Fifth, the gardeners are well connected to the HOA - they are incompetent and lazy. The gardeners deliver shoddy jobs - they just blow the leaves - they do not do gardening per se by removing dried branches from the trees nor pull up weeds. No! You have to do it yourself. As a home owner you are paying for this service via HOA fees and getting no results in return. It is useless to complain to the HOA as there will be no remedy. Finally, the place is prone to flooding as the there is no soil to soak up the water. If I should list all the negatives I would need more space and time to write.

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