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Elk Grove, CA

High Cost of Living - Heavy Traffic - 12/12/2021
I grew up in the area around Elk Grove and it was a very small rural town up to the year 2000. We moved to ELk grove in 2009 and commuted to work in Sacramento. At that time our commute was 20-30 minutes but that changed quickly as Elk Grove grew way to quickly. We used to be able to travel to the other side of town within 10 minutes now it takes 30-40 mins. This town was once small and quaint but has turned into a mini bay area. Literally most all people who live in Elk Grove now are from the bay area. This has brought horrible traffic, ridiculous amount of Starbucks and fast-food restaurants and less mom-and-pop businesses, to top it the house prices are so high there is no way anyone can buy a home unless they come from the bay. We were lucky to get in when we did but I am afraid of what the future holds with crime due to the uncontrollable growth. In addition, they are having developers build "affordable housing" starting at 400k lol, my question is where is all the water going to come from since we let our water go to the ocean? The future of Elk Grove includes high cost of living pricing out people who can not afford to rent or buy a home which will lead to higher crime rates.

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