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Billy the Kidd

Roswell, GA | 2 Review(s)


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Atlanta, GA

Have you people completely lost your minds?? - 12/12/2020
This place has become so dangerous over the past decade. There is just nothing here that is necessary or right anymore. I don’t believe official statistics on this website, it seems like bull. This place is insane and sick and not well and no realizes it. The culture is degenerating. It’s degenerating fast. Nobody wants to know each other or help. Traffic is as bad as everybody says it is- just ride around. The growth is very much a problem also. There is just nothing that is organized: everything is completely atrocious and there is no direction. The people cslling the shots here have no understanding of organization. It’s a one big ball of disorder. Atlanta is degenerating.

Atlanta, GA

I sold all of my things and moved out. - 12/6/2020
It was time for me to leave Atlanta. I’ve been here since 1995 and it has never been so bad like today. I am starting to believe that it no longer has hope. I predict that people will start leaving in droves. Just like I did. I’m settling down in Chattanooga, a few miles North of where I was born, Chickamauga.

(I will continue this review and add more content in the future.)

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