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Raleigh, NC

BORING suburban sprawl - 3/27/2017
I am stuck here due to my husbands job and there isn't more than a week that goes by that I'm not in tears because of this. There was never a lot of character to Raleigh in the way other nearby cities have it (Savannah, Charleston, etc.) so everything remotely old is being torn down. Most places weren't worth preserving but now we're left with chains and mcmansions. It all looks the same and it all lacks imagination. Speaking of looking the same, people here are so conformist it seems like a comedy sketch. Same clothes, same hair cuts, same houses and same cars (this must be one of 4 Runners best markets) Southern people here are rude and nosey; Northern transplants are materialistic and gaudy. Its a city built on an office park and that's exactly what it feels like. People go from home to cars to cubes and back again. Everyone is all about their bad corporate jobs. (The job market, for the most part, is awful if you only have a college degree) I spend a crazy amount of time googling things to do and coming up short. I'm only happy when we go out of town. One more thing, the summers are the worst! I dread them every year. So hot, so humid and no where to swim. Its basically torture.

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