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Andrea O'Brien

Sarasota, FL | 1 Review(s)

I am originally from Mexico. In 1989 I went to Boston to study my MBA and ended up starting a family and living there 30 years. I am a traveler and have been in many areas of the world and the United States.
For many years, my dream has been to live in a small walkable cosmopolitan city by the ocean. I am very active and prefer to be outdoors, so I also wanted a place with warm weather. For years, I explored the entire California coast and fell in love with many places there.
Five years ago, I decided to give Florida a chance because there are no income taxes and in some cities your dream house can be a lot less expensive than in the California coast.
I stated my exploration of Florida five years ago with an open mind but thinking I was going to end up in the Miami area. I had never heard of Sarasota but a good friend invited me to come and I visited with her one week. During that time, I explored the entire area on my bicycle, visited as many places as I could and thought that this could be it. Since then I have been monitoring the housing market and the economic growth of the area. I bought my condominium in the downtown area two years ago and I am convinced that moving to Sarasota has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in terms of financial opportunity and lifestyle. Every day I wake up and see the beautiful ocean, breathe the salty air and feel the warmth of the sun, I give thanks for being here.
There is never a dull moment, there are always interesting things to do and the people here are very friendly.
I hope you get a chance to see this amazing city.


Life Stage: Empty Nester
Enjoys: Traveling, Biking, Hiking, Performing Arts and Learning
Website(s): https://parkbench.com/34236/events


Reviews & Comments

Sarasota, FL

Sarasota The Hidden Gem - 2/9/2018
Sarasota is in the Gulf of Mexico coast, about 68 miles south of Tampa. It is a beautiful small city that has everything, from culture, performing arts, world class restaurants, pristine beaches and sophisticated living; while being more affordable than many other similar cosmopolitan cities.
Its mild weather is great for year-round outdoor activities like biking, fishing, golfing, hiking, jogging, kayaking, sailing and swimming.
The health care in the area is ranked among the best in the state of Florida with the Sarasota Memorial Hospital and Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.
The people in Sarasota are friendly, sophisticated, interesting and very international.
There are plans in place to make Sarasota a more, attractive cultural destination with open, public access to the bayfront and plenty of areas to walk around, which this represents other potential economic opportunities. I hope you get a chance to explore Sarasota.

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