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Life Stage: Empty Nester
Occupation: Financial Services

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California, CA

A shadow of its' former glory...
- 4/19/2019
So true Marc. Your review is right on.

Bozeman, MT

Over-rated Bozangelas
- 11/26/2018
Loshi...Sounds like sour grapes? Get over yourself. No place stays the same and there will always be people with more money than you. Get over it. You people whine about Californians on one hand, complain about them then brag to your friends about how much your lousy house has gone up in value.

Boise, ID

Californians relocating to Idaho
- 11/26/2018
Great post Sam. People moving need to adapt to the place they are moving to and not the other way around. I love Idaho and the people.

Knoxville, TN

NEVER move to Knoxville. You'll regret it - 11/26/2018
It sounds like you needed to make more trips there first before moving there. Tennessee people are awesome but they aren’t going to open up to you right away. Especially if you’re a Yankee with an attitude.

It’s hard to move from a large Metro Area on the East Coast to the South. I liked in Johnson City and loved it and the area but I came from a really small town.

Religion is a Big deal in Middle and Eastern Tennessee and so if you come here with no beliefs then it’s not surprising you wouldn’t get a warm welcome. Perhaps a more “Progressive” Resort Town in the South would have been a better choice? Charleston, Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head would have been a better choice. You can’t honestly move to a new area and expect it’s going to be like where you came from.

San Diego, CA

Money Money Money
- 7/24/2018
Just curious how legalization of marijuana has increased the cost of living here? That is just a dumb comment sorry.

San Diego, CA

The most highly overrated city in America - 7/24/2018
You complain about rental costs and then recommend LA? Lol

San Diego, CA

Used to be nice
- 7/24/2018
Totally agree with your review.

San Diego, CA

Weather Is Best Everything Else Horrible - 7/24/2018
Mike of Santee review is spot on. I’ve lived here my entire life and just sold our house in Carmel Valley and I’m counting the days before I get out of here. I’ve hated living here the last 5 years.

Traffic is horrendous. It’s not just during the commute but it’s all hours of the day now. All major freeways are parking lots at all hours. The Los Angelesation of San Diego is complete. Why not? Developers own SD. They are in cahoots with city officials who only care about tax revenue and don’t care how it impacts current residents. Most new commercial projects have apartments attached to them. Really. Expect more cars, more people going forward.

Honestly, I don’t know who would want to live here now. Cost of living is off the chart. Highest taxes in the US. Highest gasoline prices in the US. Weather is good though. Better enjoy that because you’ll be fighting people for everything you do here.

Give me San Diego of 15-20 years ago and I’d consider staying buy now? Can’t wait to leave. If you’re thinking of moving here, have your head examined because this place blows.

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