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Bakersfield, CA

RUN - 12/13/2015
Background: I lived in the Bay Area for the majority of my life and Los Angeles for 4 years. I've been in Bakersfield for about a month to study for the GRE and save up money for grad school.
The positive: I rented a HOUSE for LESS money than my monthly rent at my LA apartment (hence, my rationale to move here).
The negative:
-The people are rude (this is coming from a guy who just left LA-they are indeed worse here, but, unlike LA, have nothing to brag about).
-The air quality and scenery makes even DTLA look like the Garden of Eden.
-There are little to no higher education resources (likely because the people here are about as dumb as they come).
-There's NOTHING to do.
-People drive horribly even though there isn't much traffic (at least compared to SF/LA).

In sum: I'll be leaving this hell hole....I mean city...after spending about a month here-I've seen enough. I was always puzzled when I told people I was moving to Bakersfield that their immediate response was: "WHY?!". Now I know the root of their concerns. This place and its inhabitants are a joke.

The lesson: the rent is so cheap for a reason and the stereotypes are REAL IF NOT WORSE.

Buh bye "Bako"!

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