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I am an Edmonds resident that loves this town! I feel very blessed to have discovered this wonderful place, and even luckier to be raising our family here. I am a mom to 3 wonderful daughters, the youngest is 6. We have made our entire lives revolve around this community where we live, worship, and have located our business. You could say I am a typical soccer mom only none of my daughters have ever played soccer - but that's the only sport they haven't participated in! :)


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Real Estate/Mortgage
Website(s): www.WelcomeHomeEdmonds.com; www.WelcomeHomeSeattle.com


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Edmonds, WA

Its an Edmonds Kind of Day - 9/4/2008
I am originally from the midwest, a small farm town to be exact. I married a man from the Seattle area. Making the move to the Seattle area was a little intimidating to me, as I am not a "big city" type of person and knew absolutely nobody in the city except my husband. However, several pleasant surprises were in store for me once we were actually in the Pacific Northwest.

For one thing, it is absolutely beautiful here and brimming with natural resources. My first thought was "wow, how green!" and the 2nd thought was "wonder what the pioneers must have thought when they first arrived in this gorgeous place?!"

My next and most pleasant surprise was discovering this beautiful little beachfront place with all the charm of a 1950's town, called "Edmonds"! I knew the first time I saw the place that I just had to live here. And so we did! I have now been here for 6 yrs, and every year I am happier here. The community is wonderful, and we have made lots of great friends.

We have located our business in downtown Edmonds, and for me, I am happy never to leave the city of Edmonds, and even happier not to leave 98020 zip code (which is quite tiny actually....easily walkable to each of the far corners of it.)

We have a 6 yr old daughter. Needless to say, she loves it here. Of course she has nothing to compare it to, but she is very secure and happy knowing easily even at her age, where everything of importance in town is located - the candy store, Starbucks, the ice cream shoppe, the parks, the pool, the post office, and the bank. But her favorite place (and mine too) is THE BEACH! We spend many afternoons there during the summer, watching the waves, playing in the gentle waves of the Puget Sound, meeting up with friends, and watching the ferries come and go. She even had her birthday party at the beach this year, and the girls all had a blast. She told me the party was so much fun, she wants to have it there every year and make it her "Annual Birthday Beach Bash".

I realized the other day we are raising our daughter in a little slice of Americana that no longer really exists much of anywhere any longer. It will probably be very shocking to her when she grows up and has to experience the outside world where every shop owner doesn't know her parents, where the baristas don't know your name, where the postman isn't the father of her friend from school. It truly is an idyllic lifestyle here. I could go on for days about this place but I will just say, to sum it up with a little tag line from the Chamber of Commerce a couple of years back --- "Find Yourself In Edmonds" -- and I think I really have.

Come visit sometime!

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