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Volcano, HI

Volcano Living - 8/8/2009
Must love rain. That would be a possible header for Volcano seeking new residents. It is the rain that tends to fall in the night time and sometimes or often in soft mists to drenching downpours that keeps the rainforest here lush and full of songbirds.

Just as there is frequent rain, there is frequent sun. But rarely all day. The weather feels mild and damp, and is conducive to the creative spirit. As a result, Volcano is home to many artists and writers.

The presence of the volcano, Kilauea, so nearby brings scientists from all over the world. Many who visit linger and find themselves staying permanently, or semi permanently.

Musicians & poets are drawn to this place, where the rainforest canopy creates a natural cathedral. It is easy to slip into a an intimate relationship with nature, needing less and less in terms of entertainment and distraction.

The community gathers weekly at the farmer's market, a Sunday morning happening, with fresh and prepared foods, a veterinarian, arts & crafts, and news of what is happening in and about Volcano. Festivals honoring Hawaiian culture are regular events at Kilauea Military Camp and in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, directly adjacent to Volcano.

There are two stage theaters for performances in and around Volcano. Cultural events are frequent, and tend to be Hawaiian in character, although there is the occasional western play, and considerable local talent.

Cost of living is reduced by the moderate prices available at the farmer's market, and the moderate cost of housing in the area. Houses tend to be modest in all respects, with covered lanais being the gathering spots for most. People tend to spend late afternoons sitting together under an awning of some sort, on a verandah, watching the birds and talking story.

The local teas and coffees are some of the best in the world. Awa or Kava is gaining slowly in popularity, as an herbal potion that takes the edge off without causing a drop in alertness. Most here do not require an edge adjustment, but there is a fondness for wine, and a local winery that produces wines that go nicely with spicy food and afternoon conversation.

Here, your sleep tends to be blessed with the light tempo of rain on the metal roof, and you rise with the morning birds.

To make a living, put your imagination to work, and find something to do or create that others value. Here, there is the opportunity to become your own self, away from the expectations of companies and the exigencies of time clocks. Neighbors have intentional good will and overall there is an exuberance to life.

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