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Plymouth, IN

Cause of Major Property Crime - 7/5/2016
The worst thing there is in Plymouth is property crime, Not violent crime, but property crime. There are all kinds of thefts from automobiles to store shop lifting. Garages are broken into frequently because for the most part, Plymouth is a bedroom community and these young adults and kids know who is out of town for the day and help themselves to anything that is in the house and garages.
The majority of this crime has one root cause and that is Meth amphedamine use is rampet in this county and quite honestly all of north Central Indiana. They are so addicted to this stuff that the risk jail to steal from homes, cars, and businesses and fence the stuff in South Bend or sell it on ebay. So, a good Closed circuit TV system with a weeks recording time would be good to have if hidden well. Also an alarm system with CELL PHONE police notification would be good. Or my option are two highly trained Visla's who protect the property from Garage to basement to attic. they have full house access. and if I am home a Mossburg 500 is the protection.

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