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Denver, CO

Too brown, hot & sunny?!
- 7/13/2006
Umm, hello, Denver isn't just "becoming" the desert, it is the desert for all practical purposes. Always has been, always will be. Any place that receive less than 20" of rain per year, such as Denver, is essentially incapable, sans extensive irrigation, of growing vegetation beyond prairie grasses, chaparral, scrubby bushes, etc. Nice job of investigating the climate of a locale before moving there. You really should go back to the northeast - I'm sure you're the type that moves to Phoenix or Vegas and expects to have a lush, green lawn year-round. No, Denver itself isn't "beautiful" - basically just flat, high prairie in the lee of the mountains - but it does have access to some of the best outdoor recreation in the nation within a few hours' drive.

Buffalo, MN

Cheap apartments, but investigate fully
- 6/20/2006
I pay only $525 + elec. for a 1 BR downtown, above one of the downtown stores. Old and certainly not fancy, but convenient and somewhat charming. Most of the places in/around downtown are for senior citizens and/or income restricted, which eliminates a good number of units. The bulk of "regular" apartments are north of Highway 55. Be careful of some of the larger complexes, which can attract less-than-savory types as residents.

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