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San Antonio, TX

It's a Like/Dislike Thing. - 2/26/2020
I'm originally from the upper midwest where we have all four seasons. This city has a lot of pros and cons.
1. It's very big and it takes a long time to get anywhere because there are so many people. Don't go out on the weekends which apparently everyone does.
2. There is always road construction. And it takes them a long time to finish a project.
3. YOu have two seasons. wet and hot and dry.
4. Don't expect to fun into a retail place and be out in 5 minutes. Retail locations are constantly busy. Especially on the weekends. While most retail places across America might be suffering I highly doubt it is here.
5. Most developers welcome chain retailers than mom and pop or small retailers.
6. PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE DRIVERS. I've had three windshield replaced from flying debris. 3 accidents from other drivers making poor decisions. Nobody obeys the No Phone Law.
1. Affordable housing. YOu can buy a modest home for a reasonable price. Taxes are high but it's offset by the fact that you don't pay state or local taxes on your income. But you'll be able to reach out your window and knock on your neighbors. Housing is still climbing.
2. Most neighborhoods are friendly. The one we live in of course has it's rude neighbors but overall the people are nice and wave to each other.
3. It's true in part about how they view outsiders but overall we have felt welcome.
4. The food options are great. I really like HEB and what it offers. I eat more healthy because of vegetable and fruits aren't prices so high compared to where I moved from.
5. My health has been much better since moving here compared to up north.


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