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Oak Ridge, TN

Oak Ridge is the best!!!!!!
- 5/11/2021
We were looking for resident perspective; this is obviously a pitch.

Oak Ridge, TN

Safe place to live
- 5/11/2021
This is definitely not an inhabitants point of view. This is entirely the point outs of real estate professionals.

Oak Ridge, TN

It's on the positive side.. Kinda homey but boring - 5/11/2021
Overall it's on the positive side. It's pretty boring but it can feel like a real home at times. It could stand to be a hair closer to Western Knoxville..
Melton lake is fair and beautiful. It's has a charming enough town center.
The Overall construction conscientious is nothing too special.. by my count of standard.. The people are okay.. But they live closer to tradition than honest goodness.. in most cases.

Fremont, CA

It's very nice looking and compares well to near b - 5/10/2021
Fremont is a very good city actually.
The construction is very nice even for the bay area. Everything is in walking distance.
The parks and recreation is totally irrelevant to being anything special. The police usually better things to do. But it's pretty darn safe. But don't dress very color coded.
The Hindu people are very nice. There's allot of brotherly love here and all you need is to be open to that. And you will find plenty care and hospitality.
It has a superficial following and money or stature related ignorance. We do have filth where you would least expect it.. And the hospital is very capitalist.
People here are pretty tame and it can be very separatist in ethnic crowds but usually respect goes a long way around here. Warm Springs and Mission district is a little separatist.
But the more central portions are fair. It's not an outstanding character of community togerness or accomplishment but it's definitely one of the more tame places in the bay area.

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