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Colorado Springs, CO

re: CS vs Denver? - 12/5/2007
- 12/7/2007
Erin, I just noticed that you are living in Tustin. I used to work there and live in Carlsbad. Colorado lacks the beach, but that's about the only advantage CA has. You will be happy that you escaped!

Colorado Springs, CO

re: CS vs Denver? - 12/5/2007
- 12/7/2007
I am a technical recruiter. The "quality of life" is much better in the Springs. However, the jobs are in Denver. IT jobs will pay 10-20% less in the Springs. My suggestion is to live in the Monument area. That why you can work in either location. In addition, you can find homes cheaper in El Paso County (Colo Springs and the property taxes are cheaper)

Monument, CO

Monument, Colorado - 12/6/2007
Monument is located about 10 miles north of the Colorado Springs city limits on I-25 cooridor. We are 2 exits north of the Air Force Academy.

We enjoy a "small town" environment, but that is changing with the introduction of a new Walmart Super Store, Home Depot, Kohls and other national "chain" restaurants.

Monument typically experiences more than 300 days a year of sunshine annually. However, you can expect major snow storms anytime after Holloween through mid-April. Summer temperatures average in the mid-80's while winter temperatures average between 35-40 degrees.

Joggers and bikers alike will find lots of trails and friendly people to experience.

A 2nd high school is under construction and should be open in the fall of 2008.

Monument is hard to beat if you are looking for a community with lots of open spaces.

Most residents work in either Colorado Springs or south Denver. It's a 25 minute commute to most work places in Colorado Springs and about 40 minutes commute to the DTC (Denver Technology Center) area of Denver.

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