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San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, the town for transplants, not natives - 3/2/2019
My family and I are natives to San Antonio and have grown up here from the very beginning. If you are transplant coming from anywhere else then you will enjoy the fact that you can outbid natives easily when it comes to the housing market. We have forgotten about our natives and continue to allow out of state people (thanks California) to come in and buy houses at jacked up ridiculous prices. I get it, supply and demand and all that, but if you have grown up here, be prepared to pay 200k on top of high property taxes at least to live in a decent neighborhood. This is just the norm and wages are stagnant because employers are too stingy to pay anything better than 50k. If you aren't a dual income family, forget about buying a house or living in a safe(r) part of town. The south, east, and west are rampant with crime while the north side keeps them out for the most part with sky high property taxes and housing costs.
Going 7 miles down the highway takes you 40 minutes because of construction that has failed to keep up with the pace of the growing city. If you want to do anything to have fun be prepared to pay. There are no natural resources around like beaches or lakes - you have to drive further out for those - and get stuck in massive traffic because San Antonio drivers are terrible.
Did I mention the drivers?
No blinkers, tailgating when you are going the SPEED LIMIT, road rage, cutting you off, slow drivers in the left lane. Forget about leaving a car space in front of you to watch out for accidents because someone will most definitely cut you off.
If you are smart, you will get the hell out of this town. It still has the small town mentality while busting with growth which is causing it to become so stressful to even drive to your local HEB.
If you don't believe me just spend a moment in San Antonio. It's the new Houston with traffic, ghetto transplants, and income inequality. If this is your cup of tea, then welcome and you are most likely the reason that this place has gone to shit.

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