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Salisbury, NC

Thank you for the honest review.... Leanne B. - 5/5/2016
A big thank you to Leanne for her candid, well written review. She saved us a lot of time and money. Salisbury is off our bucket list. Wonderful old houses, though. We almost fell in. Thanks again....

Lomita, CA

Nasty City Council in 2016.... - 5/3/2016
My Mother-in-Law has lived here for more than 25 years. The current City Council are some of the most miserable, corrupt dudes in a 20 mile radius. Very uptight all the time. Lots of personal dramas behind the scenes at City Hall. Houses are over-priced because of the geography of sitting at the base of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Residents PAY for it. It used to be a lot quieter than it is now. Still better than the inner cities, though. The density is a problem & getting worse. For $750,000 - I'd want to live in a nicer town. The corrupt council really ruins it. One guy in particular, seems to specialize in being ruthless & mean. Over-priced, corrupt & crowded. You can get a fixer-upper in PV for $750,000. Do that instead.

Los Angeles, CA

Corruption & Crowding..... - 5/3/2016
Los Angeles has changed DRASTICALLY in just the last 10 years. There's lots of small, inner-city corruption of municipalities now. Lots of it. Very large outside money conglomerates are buying up all the rent-controlled apartments & evicting long-time tenants who thought they were protected under "rent control" ordinances. These big money guys, don't care who they kick out on the street & they've found a loophole & are exploiting it to the hilt. In some cases, they renovate units, doubling the number & then are renting them out for outrageous rates on Air B & B. Lots of corruption swirling around marijuana dispensaries too. Power hungry City Councilmen are destroying the low income communities, they are professing to help. Lots of underhanded dirty tricks in local government. It's a shark tank here. All kinds of new improvement projects have begun in downtown. The city has some VERY amazing Grant writers & thieves working for the city and installing corrupt parks all over the place. They get State grants, steal the properties from residents via eminent domain and then hire all their buddies to do the park construction work. Lots and lots of materials are stolen & used on their other construction jobs. Pure profit. Pure evil. Whenever you hear about how some agency suddenly wants to "help" the disenfranchised, low income, under-represented, blah, blah - RUN for the hills. The freeways are parking lots. Gridlock for hours. The condensation of people is ridiculous here. Long lines everywhere. Lots of illegal immigrants - which gets annoying after a while. I was a liberal, but that's changing. I believe my experience. Societal issues are making life a nightmare here & I'm looking to sell my house & move. Unless you're rich, don't even bother coming here now. The elite's are squeezing the little people, horribly. The water is an issue. Black water in Gardena, a petroleum plant is on the verge of blowing up in Torrance, the port of LA is a filthy, Escape from New York landscape. Uh... unless you can insulate yourself with wealth by living in a ridiculously expensive place with high walls, think again about coming to LA. Homelessness is sad and really out of control. The cities do nothing to help them, either - but have the cops run them off from everywhere. Drought is always terrible. And this one sounds bizarre - but it's true. There's lots of geoengineering here. Most afternoons, very high altitude jets make multiple passes and spray chemicals that leave contrails that widen out into wispy clouds. I've been watching it for months & have lots of pictures. You can google "seeding the clouds" - there was a recent article in the Los Angeles Times. Geoenginneringwatch.org is another unbelievable website everyone who's thinking of moving here should take a look at. These government goons have to try to get it to rain here, it's past critical. Scary what they're manipulating, though. There are cameras on top of almost every signal light - going in all four directions on all the signals in LA county. Big Brother on steroids. I'm not kidding. All of this stuff, makes it oppressive for a thinking person. If you're a superficial person who thinks you're going to be rich & famous & network yourself to the top here - Come on down. Hollywood is waiting for you. Dive in. The water's great. What's left of it. By 2025 they're projecting the populations going to double. I don't know how that will be possible. Heading for pure misery, for sure. Stay where you're at...

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