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Pittsburgh, PA

Great underrated city with so much to offer! But.. - 6/21/2022
I love Pittsburgh. I live in Carnegie, Pennsylvania and I moved here from Denver, Colorado in November of 2021. It is a safe, underrated, and nice city overall. Pittsburgh generally is a great place to live for families and young professionals. With great schools, good food, friendly people, lots of things to see and do, and a lot of other things! I personally love this city and am planning to start a family with my girlfriend in the future here. Pittsburgh does have some not too great neighborhoods that have seen better days (Hill District, Beltzhoover, Homewood) but on the bright side, those neighborhoods might be revitalized and saved! But, with every city comes cons. In Pittsburgh, the pros outweigh the cons by a lot. Here are my cons:
Pittsburgh generally has very rainy and cloudy weather. This is a pro for me, as I come from a city with elevated fire danger almost all year round, but sometimes I do think the clouds make some people sad.
It's a Rust Belt city. Most people dislike the Rust Belt, but the truth is, Pittsburgh is one of few Rust Belt cities, along with Buffalo, Detroit, and Cleveland that are reviving! Buffalo and Pittsburgh are already good places! Detroit and Cleveland are getting there.
Overall, that is my simple yet short review on Pittsburgh. If you are a young professional or plan to have a family, Pittsburgh is one of the best places for that. Very high quality of life here.

Denver, CO

Overrated and getting worse every year. - 6/21/2022
I've lived in the city since I was born (1998) and I just was ready to get out. I'm a Denver native and I am ashamed of my city. I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania because of extremely expensive housing, recent wildfires, high property crime, and dirty air. I used to love Denver, and all the things about it, but now I feel that the Mile High City isn't even good anymore. Sure, it's better than a lot of other cities, but it's starting to get better than only a few instead of a lot. The mountains, although very beautiful, are overrated and full of money-hungry ski resorts. I was ready to say goodbye to Denver when 2020 hit. 2020 ruined Denver and a lot of other cities in the US. All the homeless camps in the city, expensive housing, decaying infrastructure in parts of Central West Denver (Pittsburgh has a much worse problem with that, but at least Pittsburgh is safe and clean), boarded up windows in many places throughout the city, and overall Denver is very overhyped. Denver sells themselves as an amazing liberal mountain oasis with happy people and low crime, but in reality, Denver is an overrated city that is okay at most, it takes an hour to get to some areas IN the city because of the outrageous traffic. Personally, I think you should move to Fort Collins or Golden if you can afford it. Ultimately, I'll always love Denver and Colorado, as it is my home, but I just feel that real Denver is gone now. It used to be a happy city full of great people and had low crime and amazing neighborhoods, now Denver is just like Seattle, LA, Portland, and Phoenix. All dirty, ruined, overrated cities in the West. I love you, Denver, but I couldn't stand it there anymore. I have no plans to ever move back to Denver.

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