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Crescent City, CA

re: A great place to live
- 5/24/2018
Yes there are lots of nice beaches and the redwoods are beautiful. No one's gonna argue with that. However that is overshadowed by the fact that everything else about Crescent City and Del Norte County as well as to a slightly lesser extent Humboldt county sucks to high heaven. Not to mention only a couple months of the year where the weather is decent enough for you to enjoy it. There are so many other places like Tahoe or Newport Oregon that are beautiful, with lots more to do, less crime drugs, and lowlifes, and without all the problems that plague Del Norte and Humboldt County.

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Least favorite part of Tahoe but it's still Tahoe - 5/24/2018
I love Tahoe. So beautiful and so much to do . Great food too. Close to Carson City, Virginia City, and Reno and not too far from Sacramento. So you'll never run out of things to do here. I do have to say though South Lake Tahoe isn't as nice as other parts of Tahoe. Which is why it is gets 4 stars whereas all other places in Tahoe I'd give 5 stars to. Parts of South Lake Tahoe are kinda dumpy and rundown. Some crime, drugs, and methheads. Definitely more than other places in Tahoe. Certainly nowhere near as bad as say Eureka or Crescent City in northwestern California though. There are quite a few nice places on the south shore too. Like Fallen Leaf Lake, Desolation Wilderness, Mount Tallac ,and Emerald Bay (most would consider that West shore though). That being said I definitely would generally prefer the north shore, west shore, or the Nevada Side over South Lake Tahoe.

Eureka, CA

Kind of like a bigger version of Crescent City - 5/24/2018
A little bit more things to do, a little better restaurants than Crescent City. Still boring and suffers from a lot of the same problems Crescent City does. Unbelievably rude people, high crime, lots of drugs, methheads, thieves, bums, and other subhuman lowlife just like Crescent City. Rains and storms a lot in the winter. A little less than Crescent City though. Beautiful countryside but all the bad things are just too much for the natural beauty to make it worth dealing with. Just like Crescent City. I'd recommend avoiding both Eureka and Crescent City and go to Newport in Oregon or Tahoe instead. Beautiful like Eureka and Crescent City, but much more to do and not near as much crime and lowlifes and much better food.

South Lake Tahoe, CA

re: South Lake Slumhole
- 5/24/2018
South Lake Tahoe us definitely not as nice as other parts of Tahoe but I'd take it any day over Eureka or Crescent City. South Lake Tahoe isn't even remotely close to being as bad as Eureka or Crescent City. That being said I definitely recommend places like Incline Village, Zephyr Cove, Emerald Bay, the North shore or the West Shore over South Lake Tahoe. South Lake Tahoe however is close to Fallen Leaf Lake, Mount Tallac, Desolation Wilderness, and Emerald Bay all of which are very nice and very beautiful places. So South Lake Tahoe isn't all bad and like I said I'd take it any day of the week over Eureka or Crescent City.

Crescent City, CA

- 5/24/2018
Gotta agree. The natural beauty and outdoor activities during the couple months the weather is nice is the only positive thing that can be said about this god forsaken hellhole. It certainly doesn't make it worth putting up with all the crime, drugs, methgeads, thieves, severe thunderstorms with torrential downpours, hurricane force winds, and hailstorms that rival those in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas from October they May, crappy restaurants, unbelievably rude and nasty people, and all the other millions of problems this god forsaken hellhole gas. Brookings is marginally better than Crescent City. At least it has a couple good restaurants, a but less crime and drugs, and people maybe a little less rude but still you can find much better than Brookings. I'd recommend Tahoe or Newport. Both are very beautiful places with a lot to do and not near as much crime or lowlifes as Crescent City.

Crescent City, CA

Boring dumpy low life infested town - 5/24/2018
Crescent City sucks. Too boring, nothing to do, people are rude, lots of drugs, crime, and lowlifes. Food sucks. No good restaurants. Have to drive to Brookings or Arcata if you want anything even remotely decent. Rains and storms too much 9 months of the year. Closest place to do anything is Medford and Grants Pass. Well OK. There is quite a few good hiking , camping, and swimming spots during the few days the weather is nice. The countryside is definitely beautiful. However hiking and camping eventually get old when there's nothing else to do besides that and most days the weather is too crappy for that. Only reason I'm giving this hellhole 2 stars is because of the beautiful countryside and that when the weather is nice there is quite a few good outdoor activities that will make your first summer here somewhat bearable. If it weren't for those things I would give this dump 0 stars if at all possible.
Be prepared for tons of severe thunderstorms with hurricane force winds, torrential downpour and yes even lots of hail from October-May . I'd stongly recommend Newport up in Oregon or Tahoe. Both are very beautiful and have a lot more to do than this dump and not as dumpy, and infested with drugs, lowlives, and crime. Then again most places are better than this dump. Sure there are lots of places in the deserts of Southern California like Barstow, Blythe, Bakersfield, and New Mexico, Utah, and much of Nevada that would make Crescent City seem like paradise but that still doesn't make Crescent City a nice or even OK place by any stretch of the imagination.

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