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New Mexico, NM

re: Land of entrapment
- 3/13/2017
I've lived in the santa fe area for 24 years as a single woman. You are painting the entire state with your own experiences which, for your information, neither I nor any of my single (both white and ethnic) woman friends have EVER experienced. I'm also suspect of your claim to 'intelligence' given your inabilities in spelling and grammar. Yes there are tensions between Hispanics and whites in town but that has always been the case and probably always will be. Your experiences depend on what choices you make - obviously, better ones are to be desired and can certainly be found everywhere in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe, NM

mountain retreat - 5/3/2008
Santa Fe is at an altitude of 7000 feet and surrounded by mountains. Most folks here don't need AC - a ceiling fan will do. Well, actually, due to some climate change, it is getting warmer here so there are a few uncomfortable days during the summer - mainly July - but adobe houses are designed to keep out summer heat and hold in winter warmth. I've lived here almost 20 years and have seen our mountains get less and less snow. Drought is always a problem and global warming will see it get worse. If you love dry climates, THIS is the place for you! NM averages 300 days of sun a year and there is almost always a breeze. Solar panels are everywhere.

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