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I am a 50 something professional woman (teach with public schools and do English as Second Language teaching), who went through some life tragedies (not of my making) a few years back, and who has just been looking for a good place to live.

I am an effective teacher, and have been told so. I am just looking for a good place to settle and rebuild my life. I currently live in a place I am not thrilled about, mostly because they are not thrilled with me. Why? There are reasons and they are interesting - but it has to do with the location. So here I am to provide info for people like me, who just want a safe and good place to live. (I can tell you a lot).

I love to reward people and places that treat me with welcome and treat me well, by good online reviews. I am just fair - if its positive, I say so. If its not - I tell it like it is.

(I have not yet found my home. But if I find a FAIR place where I just work and live quietly - hopefully be an asset to the community - I'm up for it!). I will stay wherever I am treated with fairness and can live a decent life. (Im still looking)

If anybody on here has a suggestion for me - I'd be open too. If not, its ok and I'll keep experiencing places til I find HOME.


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Education, Training, and Library
Enjoys: Teaching, Foreign Languages (I am multilingual - both my hobby and work), Music (classical guitar and vocal), a little Art (charcoal sketching) and I would be out hiking if there was a good place to go. Before living in this place, I used to do a lot of photography - my camera was stolen here.

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Reviews & Comments

Shawnee, OK

I think it might have been ok - 1/22/2018
I think this might have been ok, but I needed a different approach. I could have rented a place here - had some very open landlords that had some decent, affordable places.

The school district here and surrounding did want me. I am in another State now, but have been back to OK, and looking at it from a different perspective now, I do like it.

I doubt I will go back, but would consider it. I may list this as a favorite. When I left, a Pastor urged me not to go - even to come back. I think this was positive.

I was hurt by somebody from OK City and it had to do with religion. I have been hurt by religion a LOT.

I am religious - very. Its a driving force in my life.

But I'm not sure why I am hurt in it a lot. But that's been some of my problem in settling into a community.

If a church hurts me, I leave. It sort of breaks my heart, spiritually. If local churches would be better to me, it would help me hugely!

As it was, a clergyman from OK City was verbally abusive to me. And I left.

But I think either Shawnee or Ok City itself might have worked for me. But not the way I tried.

I tried through a housing program and it was managed by Native Americans. Now I have nothing against Native Americans, but not sure they did not have something against me!

Anyway, they dropped me from the program, suddenly with no warning, when I had found a place to live...

They thought I had the money for it and I did not!

I was at a low point (a lot of my issue was not, not having money - but cash flow because I am paid once a month by Education), and so they just dropped me on my head! (figuratively).

Otherwise, I did like Shawnee! Sweet community and I think it might have been just fine.

Schools in OK might have been fine too. Very possibly. I was invited by a few.

So too bad I ran into the wrong person, got scared and left. Ended up in a worse place. And working my way out of that mess now.

I rate Shawnee, and OKlahoma city and Oklahoma as really and truly OK. I have a church I still sometimes have attended there and like! (and I'm welcome there too).

But I think southern culture is detrimental to me overall. But really, I thought Oklahoma was kind and fair, overall. (I do recommend it!)

Killeen, TX

NO, not for me. Texas was not for me either. - 1/22/2018
I really did not like Texas. I am a sensitive person, trying to honestly (honestly) rebuild my life after tragedy a few years ago.

And Texas was so "in your face" about everything! I just hated the attitude and thought I would never make it out!

Its so big - took me FOREVER to get out of the State. That was anxiety producing for me.

Killeen was high crime. Texas driving an traffic itself was an experience. I got used to it, but never liked it.

A lot of problems happened to keep me from settling in. But the high crime and things that I saw, made me give it up.

I wasn't treated too badly really. I will give it that. If I ever did go back (which I won't), I would do a number of things differently.

Live and learn. I stayed in some temporary housing and found out a Prostitution ring was being run out of it!

OY! I was out of there in a flash!

So, I think there are better places in Texas ( so I have been told).

But I just didn't care for it. I'm a small town gal too and all the mega cities around just weren't pleasing to me.

Humidity I did not mind, but did not stay for summer (which I was told was just oppressive).

Best thing I liked were flowers in February (got a kick out of that!). And on Sunday mornings, you got up, it was really quiet - not many people out. And many times the humidity was so that you could feel and smell it - and I liked it.

It had this feel that I can't explain - and then the plants were weird to me and looked like Mars - and I did enjoy that!

I told somebody the first tarantula I saw - I would be gone in a flash! I never saw one (thank God!).

But I just did not care for Texas. On my way out, I stopped over in Waco, and heard a disabled boy was beaten to death for picking up a paycheck - and I thought what a horrible thing that was!

Can't stay anyplace like that.

Oh, one plus: I am not Baptist at all (but was Roman Catholic) but the Catholics were just mean to me (I am serious - really). So I attended an African American Baptist Church there. Could those folks sing! And they said "Honey, you just come on in here with us! Sweet! I want to say that as a big positive!

Oh one more positive: I had the BEST ITALIAN food ever there! Italian - really - excellent!

Pratt, KS

NEVER MOVE HERE! Not recommended at all! - 1/22/2018
Oh my - last place on my list of places I've lived - last, and will stay last and at the bottom of the barrel!

Its deceiving - pretty little town. Quaint and passing through you might think "Oh what a pretty little place!"

Oh until you meet the people! OY! Oh how awful!

They hassled me - they excluded me - they gossipped about me - they would not give me chances - they treated me like you don't want to know!

But I don't recommend Kansas. Like Wisconsin, its got a bad State Governement and corruption reigns. People think its the way to do things!

OY! I also tried being Jewish here - I might have just done it to infuriate them because I didn't stay Jewish.

But that was even worse. It was war - daily war! I cried every day I was here.

Seriously, don't go there. I guess if you have family and need a quiet out of the way place to live.

But if you are an intelligent person who is accepting and open, and decent - and need good work and good attitudes....Oh don't go there!

That's all I have to say. BOTTOM of the barrel!

They refused to forward my mail - among other craziness.

La Crosse, WI

Not bad - I liked it except for State Government - 1/22/2018
Well, not bad really. Pretty and they were kind to their poor. I think anyplace that is kind to their poor has to have value (and that's not just because I am not affluent - I was very middle class at one time and I still thought so).

People - so so and a mix. Some real good ones. Some not.

Medical stunk there. They had this great big medical place which wouldn't do anything for me - very fancy and state of the Art and would not do anything for me! I despised that and would never return to that hospital or system - that's for sure!

And if you cannot get good medical, then what's the point? Somebody will always need that at some time in life - its a must.

Its very Catholic but it was one of the better "Catholic" places for me. They were pretty decent to me, really, overall.

However, I received some "hate"phone calls. Literally at 2 am somebody anonymous called me up to say "get out". Police did nothing of course.

So other than that, and it was very difficult to get established. People are easily judged adversely.

It was a mix. Some of it very good - some really not.

I don't know - mixed feelings but some of it still has my heart.
Wisconsin has (or had - I don't know now) a weird State Government that I thought was "Gestapo" (somebody told me it was not that bad, but it literally scared me).

I think I could have been employed better there. I had some good offers. But with it run so badly as a State, I am learning that is bad for me.

I don't think I'd try it again. Despite the good parts of it for me.

New Ulm, MN

NO, just NO unless you are rich - 1/22/2018
Well, hmmm. I did not care for it here. But then again, it was tainted by Catholic issues. (I had those until recently when I quit).

I also tried Lutherans - no go. I ended up connecting closer to the Twin Cities and that might have been ok.

But I moved on after being turned down for an apartment I loved so much and really wanted (kind of broke my heart!).

So people just would not give me a fair chance.

If you are already established with plenty of money - sure, go. Stay. Live. You will love it, they will love you.

But I needed a FAIR place and I did not find it there.

Its pretty - was very pretty. Very conservative which was part of the problem. I am somewhat conservative myself, but I am more open and accepting for a conservative.

It was not for me. Somebody tried to pay me off to leave! (Catholic) Their Catholic diocese was awful.

I also tried to work someplace. The interview etc went well but when I arrived for orientation, they would not give me the job they promised!

I walked out. None of that for me! FAIR treatment only.

So, I don't know - maybe at a different place and time in my life, but mostly I found it discriminatory, not very encouraging and not for me.

Lead, SD

Really Good place! - 1/22/2018
Ok, this was a favorite place of mine too. Little Lead, SD - what a gem!

I had an apartment here so was able to find good housing. I was still having "church wars"with Catholics, so had some issues with that here too.

But overall, I played classical guitar here. People were fairly welcoming and encouraging.

Its a little difficult to get around in - they don't call it the Black "Hills"for nothing! UP and down - steep, steep hills! Part of the city is build on steep hills. It can be a challenge!

Its connected fairly closely with Deadwood, SD too. Deadwood is another pretty, historic place. Tourist destination mostly in the summer. Also a nice place, and I liked the people!

I think it treated me fairly and that is saying A LOT! I did like it here, considered going back and am invited to go back there too. Don't know if I will though.

One drawback was the Sturgis rally in August. So a little quaint, quiet sweet town explodes beginning in about June and through to maybe about October.

It quadruples in size and its not built for it. So I left about the time that was going on.

Beyond that though, and especially if you want a winter place to stay that is just pleasant with great people - check it out.

I did love the welcome I received and it was a good place which I was happy to call home.

If I went there again, I would not go to the Catholic church. However, they did have a better Catholic parish there - I'll give it that much.

I have had huge religious struggles and that's tainted where I've lived. I'm out of that now.

But the people in general were great. I heard there were drugs and problems, but I really did not have any issues with it while I was there (and I don't get involved in that anyway).

It was home. I was happy to call it home - even though I was having grief from my divorce.

It would be interesting to try again now that many things have changed. But I doubt I will. Its a consideration though.

Thank you Lead, SD for welcoming me. I will remember you fondly always.

Rapid City, SD

Its a city - has good points but no thank you - 1/22/2018
Well, I like smaller places and that's just becoming clear to me that I do better in smaller places.

So its a city. There are pluses - its beautiful. Really is pretty and the downtown is fun and interesting and there's a lot to do...and its very easy to navigate.

Like a nice big city but small town feel downtown. It has statues of the Presidents on every corner.

And the really cool thing (at least when I was there) is that people put coats, hats, and etc on the statues for the homeless to access.

They were good to their poor! Any city which is good to its poor, is ok in my book.

But my life there was not too good by virtue of (please excuse me) being Catholic. I did not do well with the Catholic church there (even though I am Catholic).

This caused some problems and I was not treated well in that area. One pastor (who is no longer there) was fairly good to me but the rest - I won't go on. Not positive.

But perhaps if I'd not been in that religious system, it might have been ok.

I also was getting over a divorce, had a lot to learn about living on my own, so I am sure I made some personal mistakes (honest mistakes - just small things - I am a very honest person - just had a lot to learn).

It could be a good place for many people to live. But please be aware the Catholic church dominates - even the legal system!

So if that's something that is a problem, be aware please.

Otherwise, sure is a pretty area. Some good restaurants and I had a cute downtown apartment which was fairly affordable (I never got work here though), and a fairly decent landlord.

So I would recommend it for some people - just not me.

Douglas, WY

Now this is my favorite!!! - 1/22/2018
Ok, we have now hit a favorite place of mine - Douglas, WY. Its a gorgeous little place - home of Wyoming State Fair. I was there on off season though.

It has a good little museum of WY history. It has an awesome Chamber of Commerce which used some of my photos ( I did a lot of photography here and its a great place for it!).

People were friendly and encouraging. Housing was not easy but possible. I worked in Casper, WY so I commuted. Local schools were picky about taking me, but Casper was very accomodating and I did some of my very best Teaching (in Foreign Languages) there!

Wyoming itself is nice. I would stay clear of Cheyenne but I guess some people like it.

But here, this was homey, nice and I did love it.

I recommend it but don't you all go rushing there - its small and quaint and it deserves to stay that way.

If you need a real good place to live though - check it out. I loved it, truly. I would have liked it better if I had more private housing (lived with a family I rented from), but if I could have had a private place - it would have been perfect in my eyes.

Cheyenne, WY

Two Stars - Wyoming would get more, just not here - 1/22/2018
When I could not find affordable housing in Ft Collins/ Loveland, CO, I went on up to Cheyenne, WY and found some affordable housing.

It was also housing run by a lady who later did some odd (and I do mean, odd) things to me! Scary - really.

There is a lot of good about the city. Its historic, beautiful really - Art is encouraged (and music). That part was really good for me.

But if you study its history, it was also full of scoundrels. Well, it has many good people - but its still full of scoundrels too.

However, if you are there, I don't know if the re-vamping of the Capitol building is complete or not, but it was one of the most beautiful Capitol buildings I ever saw!

Do not trust medical - not unless its greatly improved since I was there in 2015. It got me in trouble, and I was appalled - I also saw horrible treatment of others (but it may have improved. When I lived there in 2015, everybody would not trust medical there and went to Ft Collins. Somebody told me some Ft Collins folks now took it over - so it may have improved - I don't know).

I never really settled in, but it was beautiful and that helped. Art and music were so encouraged too, and that's a big deal for me!

So its not all bad. It certainly had some good points. But I personally will not live there again - I might live in WY again - just not there.

Denver, CO

Music and more - not bad for a big city - 1/22/2018
Keep in mind, I am not a city girl! I grew up in rural environment, and have lived in cities, but don't like them too much really.

So I have a lot of good to say about Denver. BUT keep in mind, I did many things there, but my residence was never actually there - I commuted from nearby communities.

But Denver had so much opportunity. I had the best Classical guitar instructor there. I bet he thinks I no longer play, but that's not the case - I sure do! Because of his patience and dedication in teaching me - I am hugely grateful!

I played guitar all over the place, and it was truly appreciated. People were encouraging too.

I was welcomed to be in the schools ( I usually Teach), but did not try it. I think I would have been given a chance, though.

Churches - I am not sure really. I attended one in the southern area of Denver once and it was ok, but in the end, not too good. However, it gave me some chances in music, and I appreciate them for that.

Denver just had many possibilities. I have not really been there for a while - I was there briefly earlier this year, but mostly live someplace else now.

I think Colorado in general has gone downhill since I left in 2015. But it was always good to me (except when I return in 2015 it was not).

Colorado and all up/ down the front range was home for a long time. I love it really - but I doubt I will return there. Too expensive now, and I wasn't very welcomed to come back.

But it was one of the best places I ever lived, prior to 2015.
I truly think the liberal attitude might have become too much that way - I also think the legalization of marijuana really adversely affected Colorado! Sorry to say that and I'll probably get hate comments but whatever.

I just saw it really go downhill after that (and lived there a long time before that).

Loveland, CO

Loveland was ok - Ft Collins BETTER - 1/22/2018
Loveland CO and Ft Collins are very near one another, and someday the whole place will probably be one big conglomeration!

It was ok. My problem was that I never found an affordable, good place to live - stayed in temporary places. I worked with the schools - I do NOT recommend their school system. I never experienced Ft Collins school system and had some invitations to Teach closer to Denver, which I never took, and instead moved out of State at that time.

Colorado is beautiful. It has an accepting attitude, or used to (I have not been there since 2015). The beauty for me of Colorado was the nature - the free access I had to it - it is just the best thing when life is hard, to stand and view the beauty created by God's own hand, and it just reminds you that you are part of creation - not just "in it".

And that you have a place. That there is room for you too, among creation and nature.

I loved the mountains - Loveland has this big, beautiful lake which has mountains beyond, and I frequented it (I can probably provide a photo here if its allowed).

The beauty of nature in Colorado makes up for a lot. I found abuses in employment were frequent in this area.

I tried to take a job and return to the area not long ago - they literally almost killed me (as in I landed in the ER because of them pushing me at very high altitude, and ER thought I'd had a stroke - I had not, fortunately, but wow!)

So I don't know what to say about employment - don't think I would try it there again. But some things were fine - beauty in nature. For a while, I attended a pretty good church (although I think it went downhill later).

I sure took many gorgeous photos and did a lot of Art. I did some music as well, although more in the Denver area.

I guess the plus for me in Colorado were the chances I was given to blossom. For that, I will always be grateful to Colorado.

Colorado Springs, CO

re: Moved here for Grandchildren
- 1/22/2018
Yes fire was an issue, I give you that! If you were there in 2012 and 2013 - OY! The whole city about went up both times! Woodland Park wasn't bad, but social class was a big deal. You really do need to be rich up there.

But its beautiful! I guess "beautiful" made up for a lot, in my opinion.

Colorado Springs, CO

Bordering on 3 to 4 stars - 1/22/2018
It really was not a bad place to live. I had a divorce here, and had trouble with my ex, and left because of that.

But I was a mainstay teaching in the schools here - they always gave me a chance! In other places, mostly I have been given a fair chance except where I live now (nothing fair about where I live now!)

I found it to be a pretty good place, for a big city. Lots to do, I was in the Music scene and it was fair. And if I needed more, Denver was right down the road.

Law enforcement never hassled me, and was pretty positive to me. I had some issues with a Presbyterian church, but I think that was the nature of the denomination. I still care about some people there - maybe they still care about me (its possible and I don't know).

It was home a long time, but I do recommend it. But it does help if you are affluent - but honestly, I didn't do too badly on a modest salary either.

Wichita, KS

re: Wichita is a real S-hole.
- 1/22/2018
I am a current resident and you are 100% right on - completely true, every word! They are super backwards - I agree. I lived in Denver and areas in CO, WY and South Dakota was even ahead of them. In fact, South Dakota looks sterling compared.

100% right.

Wichita, KS

re: Wichita is a real S-hole.
- 1/22/2018
I am a current resident and you are 100% right on - completely true, every word!

Wichita, KS

Wish I could say better but.... - 1/22/2018
I really wish I could give Wichita a good review. Its been my home for 6 months now. Its about to be my ex home - I have a job offer elsewhere.

Its been hard. I have analyzed the reasons for it, and come up with some interesting facts about Wichita.

First of all, the division between rich and poor is HUGE. So if you have a lot of money, are married (or single with a lot of money - preferably male), you will be welcomed with open arms here.

But if not, if you are like me, just looking for a place to rebuild after a lot of hurtful life situations, stay away from here (really).

They disliked me from Day 1. I honestly just came in, in peace, rented an apartment and thought I'd be fine. I hold a Bachelor's degree, Most of a Masters in Education (special Ed), and usually the schools snatch me right up!

Not here. Nobody snatched me right up! Despite the fact that I am very mainstream, I was treated very badly and this does continue, although being vocal about it has helped some.

Its been a daily battle just for fairness from Day 1. Here are some causes I have discovered:

1. The area is very homogenous - many people have never lived anywhere else (I was very surprised!). So they literally know no other way - I find this sad, myself, since I've lived in some good places.
2. They do favor the rich - Social class is a big, big deal here! BIG - trust me.
3. The State of Kansas has many political problems and corruption spills over into many places. Even decent, stable citizens here admitted this to me, and so when I have to deal with Education (government run), I ran into problems.
4. Its a low cost of living, but anything like licensing, work, etc is all hidden and high fees. My theory (just my personal theory) is that its to keep the poor, poor. (this is a big deal here)
5. The city does not prohibit helping the poor or even homeless (I am not homeless though). But I wonder about a place which says it values hard work - yet will not allow a person to be employed properly.
6. Abuse is everywhere here - I am single with no family, and not that affluent (although not destitute), so I have been a real target.

Highlights of my stay: My wallet with ID was stolen (I had to replace everything and did, but it was expensive), my car was tampered with and damaged, Police and fire Dept won't come when called (and are not available on weekends and evenings), I have had "church wars"between denominations (which I am getting tired of), and church is BIG here too - if you not religious, this won't work).

I was denied medical and still am here - I had to travel 60 miles away for a Dr. I have insurance (legit and most places has been fine).

I also was hired 60 miles away but its hard for me to go, since its been hard for me to make money here.

Pluses? People are friendly - very. In fact, guard your privacy, they do try and get in your business but I am pretty open anyway.

But they are nice folks - there are some real honest people here, but there are some thugs too!

Drugs and crime is high. Its know as top 10 for suicide in the nation, and I read online that its one of the most depressing places in the nation.

I also tried another town in Kansas, same thing only worse. I think honestly its the way the State is run, sad to say.

Yeah, there are good people and I do love many. It will break my heart to leave, yet I will be relieved as well.


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