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Dothan, AL

I really don't deserve this...ARGGHHH! - 10/19/2018
I would have given it a zero stars if that were possible. The five years I have lived in this hole are, without a doubt, the five worst and longest I can remember. There's nothing here but four hundred places to eat and a ton of strip malls and chain stores. We have a couple of decent parks but they are primarily for travel and tournament softball and baseball. Traffic control is virtually non-existent here and most people drive as though they are the only car on the road. Southern hospitality missed this place big time. People are generally standoffish, untrusting and often rude. If you expect the leadership to do anything to improve the area you are sadly mistaken. The local idiots just keep voting the same useless people back into every office. If your contemplating a move here take it from a transplant and rethink your plans. You won't regret it I promise you.

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