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Spokane, WA

Moving, please read & advise
- 9/19/2018
Btw Spokane real estate is much less expensive and you will find incredible house there. Courtney D Alene is about half an hour a way and is beautiful outdoor boat community in the summer.

Spokane, WA

Moving, please read & advise
- 9/19/2018
I dont live in Spokane or Washington so i dont know how helpful this will be. We are thinking of moving to Spokane as well and have been there twice. We were also thinking of the West Coast so we visited Olympia. Olympia is an affordable port city with lots of rural and outdoor activities and many parks. Spokane is on more of a flat area. So Spokane has a much larger downtown area and more of a

New York, NY

New York has many issues very expensive - 6/15/2018
New York has always been expensive but I think even the least expensive areas are around $1800 in Manhattan just for a studio apartment. City is very safe for a city this size but not safe like a small city or town. Public transportation is great but not cheap. Need a good paying job to live here..

Watertown, NY

Nice quiet town but many small town issues - 6/15/2018
I don’t live there but visit on occasion. Very quiet town. Ran into a white out blizzard while driving there that a local tells me isn’t unusual.
One minute I could see the road the next I couldn’t tell where the road started or ended.
Town seemed quiet but didn’t seem to have the small town friendly feeling you get from many small towns.
I know that the weather can even be difficult for locals to deal with since it is one of the top snowiest cities in the country. I think they get something like 120” of snow every year on average.
Seemed like only very small towns in area that have long country like roads. I think Syracuse is nearest decent size city.

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