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Phoenix, AZ

Should be last option
- 1/11/2020
@John, No problem, living here my whole life doesn't mean I have to be biased like some of these people writing reviews, it's just not practical to live here anymore and every year it seems to be getting worse.

Phoenix, AZ

Should be last option - 1/10/2020
There are pros and cons of living anywhere in the world, no place is perfect, but when it comes to choosing somewhere to live and settle down, the pros should generally outweigh the cons. That is not the case with Phoenix. For a city in the middle of the desert you would expect less traffic and cheaper cost of living, not the case. Gas here is 1$ more than the Midwest states (the states that EVERYONE seem to complain about) and you HAVE to drive here because our public transportation is a big joke, apartment and house prices have raised these past couple years because of the influx of people moving here, making it not practical anymore to purchase a house unless maybe you're fine with living an hour away from downtown. Everything is brown and beige, the houses are all cookie cutter its a true eye sore, air quality is really bad (pollution and dust), which can lead to sinus problems and overall health issues. The heat starts from late April and can last till late October as was the case in 2019 with temperatures staying in the 100s till late October. The weather for me is pretty good from November to mid April after that it's just hell. I would recommend you rethink your options before deciding to come here because there are other places that are cheaper and more practical.

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