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Lexington-Fayette, KY

You aint from around here - 2/19/2020
I have lived here now for over five years, originally from the west coast and here is my top 10 for why you should NOT move here.

#1 The Culture: They have none, it is neither northern nor southern. Nothing to gives them an identity except for lots of farms with fences and distilleries which are they only thing good they have going here.
#2 The People: rudeness, social ignorance and small mindedness are pervasive here even in the city, they seem to be in their own world can't hold a door open or say hello to save their life. These folks need to learn some manners.
#3 Politics: lots of commercials about some rednecks plowing with mules and a governor who "Aint from around here" , meaning your an outsider. Most in this area just votes for whatever will give them the best deal. they have no principles neither left nor right wing.
#4 Education: lots of ignorance even in the burbs and city, "schoolin aint a prioitize here".
#5 Driving and roads: Drivers from here are unfamiliar with how to use turn signals, seems to be a outsiders concept. Back country roads are something out of third world countries and lack any logic in their building, often one lane roads.
#6 What they care about - College sports and that's about it. UK this and UK that, You see more people with UK flags here for sports, but no other college.
#7 Patriotism: and speaking of flags, you never see an American flag flying any place, they are a very unpatriotic people.
#8 Housing: not exactly what you expect, houses are overpriced and not much value. Lots of Vinyl villages surrounded by giant horse farms owned by old money families.
#9 Cuisine: When the local cuisine is a "Hot Brown" that says it all or other inventions like burgoo made from leftovers. not very creative or good.
#10 The Economy: Not much happening here except for some dirty industry , horse semen and bourbon.
#11 Bonus item - Hygiene: hand washing appears to also be an outsider concept. People never wash their hands here after using the rest room.

Bottom line: If You are not from here, don't move here, the locals don't want you, Take your money and happiness some place else. If you are from here, please stay here we don't want you infecting the rest of the country with your ignorance or unfriendly manners.

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