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San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is a Disgrace - 3/5/2019
Lived in San Antonio almost my whole life. After Hurricane Harvey they shippd a lot of lowlife criminals from New Orleans over here and gave them free housing and all kinds of freebies.

With that influx came the increased crime you see now, just lok in news, drive by shootings, robberies and all kinds of junk.

Then San Antonio is so obsessed ith them they adopt this Mardi Gras stuff. New Orleans has Mardi Gras , San Antonio has Fiesta. I dont see New Orleans having Hispanic themed Fiestas, why should we have black themed Mardi Gras.

San Antonio has become black obsessed. You see the women runing around with half black kids and the father is nowhere to be found. They never go after them for child support because they know they cant hold a job. So they tell their parents to care for the kid and let welfare take care of the rest.

So if you are black come on down to San Antonio. Plenty of low self estee Hispanic and white women who will likely let you impregnate them, dont worry they wont expect you to stick around.

Bottom line is this city has become a big joke. Its disgraceful.

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