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Rio Rancho, NM

re: re: - 11/28/2009
- 9/17/2014
Hello Jill, Your note was posted in 2009 and now its almost 5 years later. You probably already know its Bloomfield and not Broomfield...It always struck me as a backyard country town that seemed to be comfortable. Folks pretty friendly and I'm sure your pretty happy about your change from LA in Mach 4!

Rio Rancho, NM

re: Get me out of here!! - 8/18/2010
- 9/17/2014
Hi Beth; Its too bad that you have so much anger to bare that you may find a similar set of problem given on another page out in Texas way. Sometimes the flowers are very tiny but they will be there if you just take the time to smell the flowers. That bad stuff is suppose to help you to enjoy the good stuff. Sure, that horseback ride is great on a crisp spring morning, then it rains and the wind, and then step off right into a road apple, and a wet one too, thats sticky. Then you hold your head back and sip the rain falling on your face and say "it's a wonderful life"...Good Karma

Twin Falls, ID

Magic Valley - 9/17/2014
It is a hub community that is a gateway to the north of Sun Valley and to the south for Jackpot. New High School of 3 years to add to the established one. The hospital is only about 2 years old which made available the old hospital building that is the new county services building. Central old downtown has many activities and the canyon is a festive for hang gliders from all over the world.

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